How do you all build your teams?

When you all build a team how do you generally go about it? Do you just stick to favorite Pokemon? Do you try and stick with a theme such as a Mono-type team? Have a weather team? or do you have OCs? Me personally have been sticking (or at least trying) with a “Rain” theme for a while (though I will admit it is kinda getting stale now). I only try and use Pokemon that would make sense for them to like the rain.

Feel free to post and share your teams here.

side note: also want to apologize if I created this thread in the wrong place, this is my first time making a new thread in a very long time, I probably messed something up.

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I almost always have my Houndoom with me ( second slot ) for bosses and beat up since I’m usually In dungeons with someone else. Throughout my time of playing I decided to have the very last slot be a healer or weather Pokemon. First slot Is either what I’m running with or Gourgeist. If the latter the 3rd slot Is what I’m running with. That’s just the general layout, but It will sometimes shift around depending on what I’m using. As for what the Pokemon I use exactly are, I use Pokemon I like.

The term “weather team” Is kinda weird. I guess people refer to a whole team that benefits from a weather condition? I mean, It’s usually just the weather Pokemon and then whatever I’m training or using for me.

I use Aurorus and Alolan Ninetales when I go to TC. They’re both 100 now, hail Is useful to get rid of any blinding weather and 100% hit Blizzard Is always great.

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Well, I mostly use my favourite Pokémon and of course the only strong dragon I have, which is a lvl 90 Salamence. In my team I’m thinking to replace Salamence with a Dragonite once I farm enough gems, I’ll have a Midnight Lycanroc (once it comes out u.u) and I guess I’ll use Blissey as a cleric and a Grovyle just for nostalgia reasons.
Of course, it would be troubling to have gems, globes and different weathers for every mon, so I may stick to a Dragon Monotype team, with Dragonite, Noivern, Altaria and a Hydreigon or maybe a Dragalge to worry less about fairies.

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Typically I select a single pokemon I want to focus on and build around it, under the assumption the other 3 pokemon are only going to come out in specific situations. This lets me focus on carrying family items/silks/dusts that support that pokemon.

I always carry a ghost if possible, and post-gem/crystal split I now normally try to have the ghost share a type with my “main runner” so that that they can both benefit from move speed/status immunity. I also carry 1 pokemon with one or more abilities that activate on floor transition, (usually Teddiursa or Altaria) and the 4th slot is a wild card, which I’ve lately been filling with a x4 Beat Up user.

When it comes to stuff like weather, all I really care about is it not hampering the 2 pokemon that will be out long enough for it to matter, my main and ghost. (So I always try to take a ghost immune to hail/standstorm if I’m icy or smooth rocking for the runner)


Yea, that’s what people mean with Weather team. For me I’m using Thunder on my Raichu so it works out pretty well. Plus it’s just a good option for water dungeons where Politoed doesn’t really have a way of doing good damage.

Is Houndoom your favorite Pokemon? or just good for the utility?

@Lykhant Yea, that’s generally what most people do and I can’t blame them. Using favorites is just the simplest but most enjoyable thing to do.

@Leostel Honestly I can’t fault you too much for playing by a “meta” if you can call it that. It can make it pretty interesting trying to get items for the Pokemon you’re building for too, having jacked up stats from family items, dusts, and silks is nice.

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Not a favorite, It’s just good ( not that I dislike It ). An old “”“friend”"" always used It, so I was able to see It In use a lot.

My first slot is Altaria, which I use for setting the right weather (usually sun), and healing. Second slot is my main, Togekiss, which normally runs a sun moveset (Heat Wave, Morning Sun). The other two slots are optional, usually leechers or HM slaves. Tbh Altaria for support and Togekiss for dungeon clearing is all I need, but I’m trying to use other mons too.

My usual team:

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Need to get used to the forum, oops.
I usually have a high level Pokémon with me (Or the Pokémon I’m using to train if its already my highest level) to make sure that I can switch and run / wipe a floor if I have to if my other Pokémon I use for training has almost fainted.

Rhyperior is my highest level, though I have Hitmontop and its my favourite Pokémon - but I don’t take it anywhere really at least not until my Rhyperior is level 100. I usually bring in support Pokémon.
My usual setup is:

Blissey [Healer]
Altaria [Cloud Nine]
Gengar [Wall access]
When it comes to items, I usually have a Miracle Chest / Tight Belt on my Rhyperior depending on where I go. Trap Scarf on my Gengar is quite useful, and just a variant of items and whatnot. I haven’t gotten all the items I’ve wanted yet, lol.


Welp i don´t use items like globes, gems or weather rocks (mostly because i don´t have them or i use other pokemons, not becuse i don´t like them) so my teams are kind of normal and build in a classic way. Mostly i have a high lvl pokemon to be sure i can survive the dungeons i go, always a ghost because i have lost so many items because they spawn in walls (some heart scales, a kings rock, multiple eggs and more jaja), something with utility (weather control, pick up, a refresher, frisk, something to escape, etc) and most of the time my final pokemon is either a high lvl pokemon for dungeons or a pokemon that i want to train, or even a empty slot for some missions. Usually i go something like:

  • Charizard/Noivern(Frisk)/Metagross/Gastrodon/Walrein
  • Rotom/Drifblim (Shadow Force for escapes)
  • Furret (Sunny Day)/ other Gastrodon (Rain Dance)/ Roserade (Aromatherapy)/ Smeargle (Refresh)
  • Etc.

Usually i like to use various pokemons because i don´t have a favorite one so when it comes to utility or train i use different depending of the situation or what i feel in the moment

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