How to Be A Good Helper



I traveled deep in the sacred lands of PMU and came across that thread. Therefore I will now expand that previous thread here. Like other threads I may or may not have made, you can apply much of this to your overall awareness and ability to present yourself as worthy when in a position of being depended on. And also the fact I gave it a poll for some reason, so it’s pretty natural that I do this. If the poll is gone from there, I had hopefully deleted it as doing a poll was extremely lame and unnecessary; you know, the whole asking what I should do / what people want as I never say any of that.

  1. Be dependable.
    Basically, if you have been requested for help or randomly offered yourself up just because, you obviously gotta be dependable. For example, being considerably stronger than the dungeon to the point of completing the task with ease. You know, the smallest possible chance of failure. Efforts may be appreciated and the client may be grateful, but failure is rather disappointing anyway.

  2. Spearhead the way.
    The client expects that, you offer, you succeed. So, a good way to get everything going is leading the way, perhaps dispatching any and all obstacles (NPCs. Don’t get the wrong idea). If possible, simply obliterate everything so your client doesn’t randomly die because you decided leaving something alive. Speaking of that…

  3. Set the plan straight.
    Are you gonna spearhead the way? Are you gonna leave enemies with 1 HP for the client’s EXP needs? Or are you just going to zoom past everything, straight to the target? Establish what the plan is, A.K.A communicate. A silent specter who always strays too far is rather dangerous for your client. Speaking of clients…

  4. Lighten up.
    Coming from me, there’s nothing surprising about a client doing something that isn’t according to plan. Suppose you are swarmed and you’re like “Wait. I got this” and they make a move and die anyway. They probably should’ve listened, but they do not have to, regardless of who’s leading who. However it’s always nice if people cooperate for their own sake of reaching their goal (hence 7-- hence your role as a helper). Ah, and by the way…

  5. Seriously. Lighten up.
    Who do ya want helpin’ ya? Someone spearheading the way, communicating, overall great mood going on, or someone basically acting edgy like “Hmph… just listen to me and do as I say… or you’ll die. -_-”? Oh sorry that question is for the client. Not you, Helper. But yes, you should totally be full of life energy, making it a fine time overall. Ya might even make a friend or nine…

  6. Do not overdo it.
    …You’re (likely at the time) a stranger in an online game. Not someone’s mother or teacher. No need to constantly check on your client or try telling life stories for meaningful deep relationships (unless ofc ur both into that 4 whatever reason). It’s not uncommon for the client to just want their target, and preferring to disregard much of your other irrelevant goals. After all, you are helping. Not serving.

  7. Neutral or nothing.
    If you see that your client is not in the least interested in you, just do what you are there to do. No matter how, you got yourself there by volunteering. If you two are clearly highly unlikely to ever associate again after that encounter, then don’t fuss about it, get it done. Or you can always leave at any given point for any given reason in any given way, but I don’t recommend it as it will not look great on your resume.


Not sure how this is very useful in PMU :?: but great life tips? :joy:


…This is clearly game tips.


Well i guess you don’t know me cause im PMU’s #1 helper :joy: