How Will The Person Above You Die? [REVIVED]

So, I found this game, and it looked popular, and old! So why not revive it? :D
So uh, you should get what to do, and just make sure that it’s appropriate, okay? o:

Death by Luxio overload.

Death by too much posting >:C

Death by burd.

Dead after coma.

Dead after you saw cheese. (Couldn’t think of anythin)

Death by pasta sprinkled with Luxios.

Death after chips fell from the stars

Death by 100,000 Volts.

Death by static.

Death by broken heart.

Death by lack of Garchomp in PMU :c

Death by Sprinko!

Death by shinx.

Death by nothing

Death by death :c

It’ll happen star

Death by friendship overload

Death by GN particle poisoning.

By Mega Man