I made a Gen 5 tierlist not because of boredom but to @ClassicSpirit let me out of their basement (I told them Haxorus was not my favorite Pokémon and didn't have ramen)

  • Vibing to Dance Zone AKA Holiday Hills Halloween 2022 theme
  • prefers a big bag of trash over 3 big dragons
  • Vanilluxe is amazing, Swadloon is amazing, Galvantula is amazing… (hint hint @Deleca)
  • No Gen 5 sprites for Gen 5 Pokémon :riolusad:
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Dwebble in S tier, not A tier. i see you misclicked.

tfw all ur favourites are like bottom 2 tiers :dizzy_face:


How strange, you seem to have misplaced Archeops

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Soup outclassed Swadloon