Ill draw you stuff (for game money) *FULL ATM*



hey its the village idiot and today i am offering the good peoples of pmu my wares in exchange for sweet sweet digital coin

my wares being… art of whatever you like. ocs. animes. mangas. games. yes. i do it.

:star2: MY RATES:

50k for sketches
100k for small paintings
250k for fully shaded, colored paintings

costs for additional characters are the base price x 1.5(n extra character number), so like 200k for 3 characters in a small painting

:star2: MY RULES:

  • absolutely no nsfw
  • no gore, mild violence is ok
  • there are some medias i do not want to draw art for: homestuck, hazbin hotel, dangan ronpa. i also dont take requests from nsfw media
  • i will take half of payment upfront, then ask for full payment after completion (i also take full payment upfront but i know most people dont prefer that and i like to be transparent)
  • if i do not complete the commission in 3weeks after money is paid, i will fully refund (unless i cant due to IRL issues preventing me from getting on, in which case i will refund ASAP)

:star2:MY WARES:

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰



small paintings

image image image

full paintings

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰


  1. contact me through the PMU discord via @, and we can talk either publicly or through DM. (i dont like random DMs, so i keep them closed by default.)


  1. contact me through forums, and we can talk on here or through PM.

:star2: ETC.:

  • feel free to request specific stuff wrt background colors, making an icon, specific features or poses, etc.

  • asking me to design you an oc (giving me a descriptor with no reference image) may or may not have additional charges on a case by case basis

  • i reserve the right to turn down offers i would prefer not to do for any reason


  1. Reserved by FoxSin
  2. Saoirse full painting 250k (paid in full) [COMPLETE]
  3. cinnamoroll full painting (2 characters) - 325k (paid in full) [COMPLETE]
  4. Reserved by OrginX (paid in full)
  5. Reserved by Overmunch

thanks for stopping by. together we can make my dream of being rich on an mmo come true


[reserving this post slot for later purposes]

Wow, your stuff is really good. So it’s 250k for a full painting? I feel like you’re selling yourself short, you’re talented. Am I able to reserve a slot for when one opens up?


thanks! i do think if i charged more nobody would take it, and most valuable items you have to grind for are around that price bracket, so i figure its mostly just time grinding out dungeons whereas im better at spending that time drawing :)

ill try to let people know when i have more slots available, im probably going to do these in chunks of 5, but we’ll see i guess :stuck_out_tongue: its appreciated!!

Very sad times… JK.
Finally somebody that is smart enough for start grinding with PMU money outside it! Maybe I should start grinding… :eyes: