Increase Night Daze range

In gameplay, Night Daze is currently a slightly worse option compared to Dark Pulse. Given the moves physical appearance in other pokemon media, and how this game’s accuracy system functions, it would be nice if the range increased by one or two tiles to reflect how it is naturally less accurate than Dark Pulse. It can only be used by the frail Zorua line, so giving a powerful AOE that isn’t Hyper Voice would also improve it.

I would also argue that is frail nature and lack of a usable ability should be a reason to let Trick Scarf cause blindness instead of confusion. It would fit thematically and help a weakness without nullifying it.

i agree very much with this,
Night Daze was most likely made 2 range because of the old mechanics of long range debuffs, now with the new scaling debuffs Night Daze could have it’s range increase and hold it’s own identity and viability instead of just being a worse version of dark pulse, which is quite unfair to a singature move