Increasing Disarming Voice range

Compared to Snarl and Icy Wind, Disarming Voice has lower base power. While it will always hit if its range is increased unlike these other four-tile sprays, it would remain a balanced, alternative option from having lower power and being affected by Soundproof. As it is right now, it’s unnecessarily worse.

Icy wind and snarl’s main function doesn’t work on the game due to the debuff bug, it makes sense for them to have higher range, especially factoring in they both at base have 95 acc, not even counting the 4-5 tile acc debuff.
Disarming voice gets blocked by soundproof, but so does snarl. Icy wind will also get blocked by wind rider when it comes out.
Disarming voice already has a niche as a hitstun bot for bosses since it entirely ignores evasion, it doesn’t need a range boost to be relevant.
Also fairy wind was buffed next to icy wind to have 4 tile range. A move with the same type, same base power, and same early game presence as disarming voice. The only thing fairy wind doesn’t have is the never missing effect (it’s also affected by wind rider like icy wind). So you’d basically just be making fairy wind the worse disarming voice, when currently there’s a reason to use either move if you have access to both

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Any move that hits an enemy can be a hitstun move for bosses. That’s not a niche. There’s currently no reason to use Disarming Voice over Fairy Wind other than accuracy, and this is a game where the correct decision is usually the bigger move. 10% extra accuracy isn’t good enough to justify the range difference. Wind Rider is an ability for 3 pokemon that we won’t see in game for what could be half a decade while Soundproof is an ability we have now for more than 10 pokemon. In the PMU discord, Disarming Voice has almost never been recommended as a move to use for training. It’s not relevant. Disarming Voice having lower power in exchange for higher accuracy than Snarl and Icy Wind makes sense. Not every pokemon that learns Fairy Wind also gets Disarming Voice. The move should be looked at for it’s own usage, not held down because a better move already exists.

Disarming Voice needs an Adept Belt just to be as strong as Swift without one. It deservers range.

I agree with the idea that disarming voice needs some sort of buff. As it is, like Aden said, I have never considered it a move for training because Fairy Wind just outclasses it in all the ways that matter to me. It really is just worse Fairy Wind at the moment. If in exchange for a bigger spread, it could possibly not glide as a compromise to make Fairy Wind still viable; you would have to choose between never missing and standing still or being able to glide for less accuracy. I think if it’s straight up increased to glide and have extra range, it’d just become better Fairy Wind, which I think should be avoided because then we’d be in a similar situation as now, except reversed.

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