Inner Self...You...Who are you ?

Who are you ?

      ?     A proverb says that once you manage to close your eyes outside, you will open them inside. This proverb is saying that you should be able to look deep into yourself, in your thoughts in a way that detaches yourself from the outside, material world, and be able to immerse in your spiritual being.
      ?        In my opinion, the proverb is true. However, what it wants to reveal is something very difficult to achieve. Someone said that "finding the truth" is a life's work and true self-knowledge was ever coveted by many sages, philosophers, and even common people. However, is this fuller understanding of oneself even possible?
The more you advance in this exploration of the inner self, the more complex things get. It's like opening a door and in front of you, but then ten more appear.
        ?     They say ignorance is bliss, maybe it is true; maybe it is the best option for those who fear for themselves. However, for the eternal seekers of knowledge and those who want advance seek and open new ways, the blessing is the inner knowing of itself.
Firstly, knowledge of self. Full understanding and inner harmony is the real treasure, not the material possessions or all refuges from the outside world such as ephemeral things, which cannot equate to understanding the inner world.
Secondly, the opening of the inner eye is a throwback to us. To know who you were in the past and how you became who you are now, to observe your own evolution in this trip called life; knowing all your facets of self, to know how to self-motivate and transform your parts that you do not like into assets to eternal glory.
 ? So, inner exploration and self-knowledge is a long journey, perhaps interminable and tedious, but if you travel with an open heart and are ready to give up the outside world, you may discover the true treasure of life. Do not forget, seek and you find, knock and it will be opened, and ask and you will receive.