Is it possible to increase the drop amount of Royal Gems in DD and DDD?????

Dev… Is it possible to increase the number of gems drop in dungeon DD and DDD? As you can see, compared to collecting Rupi in DS, it’s quite unfair to hunting Shiny
In DS, we can collect quite a lot from Pokémon or around with quantities ranging from 1 to 500 Rupi. But in DD and DDD dungeons, the number of Royal Gems is only 1 to 10.

Shop DS
Radiating Key: 80000 Rupi
Drop 1~500

Shop DD
Glittering Key: 70000 Royal Gems
Drop 1~10

(Not counting the items dropped by the boss.)
Or is it possible to make Royal Gems Exchangeable with others?

those rates aren’t quite right, and just listing the amount dosen’t give the full picture as there are a lot of stuff that matters, such a dungeon lengh, amount of times they drop, other means to get em and so on.

regardless i don’t belive gem or rupi drop rates need any changes,
as everything else in the shop that isn’t the shiny key is resonably priced for the amount of time it takes to optain,

but it is true i do think shiny hunting for gible and dratini isn’t quite fair and i think the price should be slightly lowered as they currently take too much time and end up burning you out and become a chore towards the end your doing just because your close and not because it’s fun.
i do not have much experience with ds grinding,
but i have grinded shiny dratini before and i think the shiny dratini key price
could go from 70k to 60k i think that should line up with being optain just as you start to get burned out

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So increasing the number of gems earned per floor is better. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I completely agree with the premise of this post, but have something additional I want to add on to.

On what I agree with, absolutely there are less piles of royal gems than rupis. If you look at lab, just on an average run, you’re pretty much always finding at least one 10 stack per lab floor, amongst multiple stacks each floor mind you. Saying nothing of the amount of times I’ve found 100 stacks in a lab run. You even have DS being the only one of the two to have guaranteed currency in both the end room and the last boss fight

I do agree that there is more context, but I don’t think it favors DDD. Cause it is true that you start out earning royal gens immediately in DD , but have to run a good 40 floors to get to lab to make rupis. The problem is that while you have to kill every mon on a floor to get the most out of each floor of DD, all you have to do in DS is run from stair to stair for 40 floors, then run from stair to stair for the length of lab while picking up rupis already on the ground, and then run stair to stair once again until you hit the boss (yes, there is a puzzle, I just don’t think it’s a relevant time waste if this is a dungeon you’re grinding, since uou should know it)
So not only do you make significanty more in DS, you run floors much faster, and you engage with the dungeon much less.

So yeah I would argue DD could do with more royal gems spawned, or a sweeping cost reduction for the entire shop, since every item seems priced with the idea in mind that DD and DS give comparable amounts, when that jusf doesn’t seem right


As one who has obtained Dratini and currently grinding for shiny Dratini, as well as spent a Decent amount of time in DS , I do think there is a large discrepancy between how each currency is dropped. It definitely does Not favor DD, personally I think a combination of more frequent drops And a price drop for shiny Dratini would be ideal.

60k is still alot and gonna require a grind regardless, iirc, a big reason Dratini and Gible are even locked behind such high requirements is because of the notion that town ,and pmu playerbase in general, would be flooded with Dratini/Gible line mon. While that may have been true at the time, pmu also was sorely lacking the current diversity of Pokemon it has now, and although pmu average number of players each day has dwindled since those times, the number of mons available have only grown, and a large number of players are free to use mons they personally like , instead of just available and whats powerful.

Personally I think the idea of it is a bit outdated and lowering the requirements to obtain these 2 shinies in particular wouldn’t be such a big deal. (I won’t be grinding for Gible at any point in the future guaranteed)