It's been a few years, but I want to get back into the community. Problem is...

Keep in mind I’m a dolt with technology, so if I say things that are incorrect, feel free to call me out.

So, I’ve tried getting back into the community. The last time I tried, I didn’t have the right stuff installed, so me, being lazy, gave it up altogether. However, it turned out that, a few months later, my only pc broke, and since haven’t been able to get my hands on a new one (though I plan to get one soon). So I got a chromebook, which is designed for browsing, and downloaded an app called CrossOver, a windows emulator I hoped would let me get PMU running. However, it didn’t fully identify the file or something like that, and took me to a bunch of techy stuff (command shells, configs, etc.) instead. Being horrible with technology, I tried to find a way to run it, and failed quickly. This might be a bit off-topic considering 99 if not 100% of the community is actually using a PC, but does anyone have any idea on how to make it run on this stupid thing, or should I just muster up a bit of patience and wait? Thanks!

I personally do not know of any ways to get PMU working on anything other than an actual computer, but I do hope you’re able to get it resolved and maybe someone has better feedback.

Chrome books arent really meant to run anything besides browser and basics like docs/sheets etc your best bet would be to play on something else because even if you get it to run somehow chances are it wont be able to handle pmu smoothly :(