Jirachi's Corrupted Wishes!

Like in the movie, Jirachi will grant your wish, but the wish has a consequence! The person above you will make a wish, and you must create a consequence from that wish. (Example would be how Jirachi materialized chips and snacks, but the chips and snacks came from someone’s shop, which was morally wrong by stealing.) You can get as creative as you want with your wishes and corruptions, I’ll start it off with something simple;

I wish I had a jelly filled donut!

The jelly donut is old and expired by the time it reaches you.

I wish for lots of money.

Caught with the enormous amount of money, you get /jail 'ed for tax evading.

I wish the PMU server magically fixes itself!

The server fixes itself but with its newfound sentience it rebels against the humans and starts the machine uprising! Humanity is doomed! But thats ok… soon the pokemon shall inherit the earth!

I wish for a hat that is made out of cotton candy!

The server fixes itself but there’s a giant rollback

I wish I didn’t have to go to school or do homework

Lack of school means to no education which leads to no grades. You’re now living on the streets with no games. Deep.

I wish I didn’t need to wish to become successful in life. :(

The wish comes true but causes a paradox the breaks the universe and requires a reboot.

I wish I had fruitcake limbs that regenerate constantly

The wish causes a paradox that breaks the universe

I wish for fruitcake limbs

Fruitcake limbs turned into a sour candy!

I wish if I can run 500 km/h

You are unsteady and keep falling and getting hurt!

I wish shiny litten was real