Just found about this today!

:D I like what I see so far! I was just wondering if anyone had made a Pokemon mystery dungeon mmo, I chanced upon this! I really want to start role-playing, but I haven’t seen any role-play threads in 2020 yet. I’m just looking to rp a bit because I really like this Mystery dungeon series, but I’m a bit unsure of how “number crunching” this is if at all. Please let me know!


Hi! Welcome to PMU!

If you’re looking for role-playing opportunities specifically, the game itself doesn’t have a lot of RP going on anymore unfortunately. As you’ve already noticed, the roleplaying section of these forums is also rather dead, but a few users have expressed an interest in trying to revive them I believe, so you might have some luck if you create a new thread yourself.

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Good luck bring it back if you decide to do so :+1:

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hey, welcome. id say pmu doesnt involve a ton of number crunching (though im not 100% sure what you mean, you dont need to do much math or anything if thats what youre saying) and good luck with your efforts wrt rping, its a bit of a dead scene atm but quite a few people do it still. nice to have you :)

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I’ve decided to monitor and direct an rp instead. is this allowed?