Kodaishin, Ch. 1: Disruption

In an fairly sized terrain called, Fortis Village, there were pokemon warriors that lived in peace and serenity, everything was at harmony, and the people continuously befriended one another, with everlasting love and charisma. Until one day, an omnious presence approached from the cosmo’s above the earth’s atmosphere. What could this mean? What is its purpose? Is it good or evil?

Somewhere near the village, two very respected heroes of Fortis Village were
sparring, training harder than ever to defeat any competitor. A Zoroark and a Pikachu.
They were fiercely clashing their attacks.
The Zoroark, and the Pikachu send eachother flying back due to the power of their
strikes clashing

Denrua the Zoroark: “Huff… Huff… Huff…”
Stella the Pikachu: “Huff… Huff… had enough yet?!”
Stella says with a smirk on her face
Denrua the Zoroark: “Hmph! As if…”
Stella the Pikachu: “Then lets go!”
Stella’s body begins to intensify itself with static, as she prepares herself
for another Volt Tackle attack

Stella the Pikachu: “Here I come!”
Stella begins charging at Denrua with high speeds
Suddenly Denrua turns her head away from Stella and to the left, in extreme shock
Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself “What… what is that… Power?!”
Stella notices Denrua and stops her Volt Tackle attack
Stella the Pikachu: “Are you out of your mind?! You can get hurt leaving yourself
unguarded like that! I almost injured you! Hey are you even listening to me!?”
Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself “that power… its unreal… although
I can’t seem to track it anymore…”
Stella notices the expression on Denrua’s face
Stella the Pikachu: “Hey… are you alright? Whats the matter?”
Denrua the Zoroark: “I sensed something very… dark…”
Stella the Pikachu: “Huh? What are you talking about?”
Denrua the Zoroark: “…”
Stella the Pikachu: “I don’t sense anything! You must be hallucinating!”
Denrua the Zoroark: “…”
Stella the Pikachu: “Hmm… Maybe we should head back to the village. I think you’re getting tired.”

In Fortis Village, everything is normal, and the peace is ongoing. Although,
who knows if it will remain this way.

Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): sigh “Only two hours on my shift left. This museum is under
so much security and surveillance… it almost sickens me.”
a Toddler of the Aipom species approaches luxurious mystical gems behind a glass
The guard observes the Toddler
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): “Hey you! Get away from that before you break it! Go find your mother!”
Toddler is startled, and runs away crying with a lot of commotion
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): sigh “What a drag…”
Suddenly, a beam breaks through the ceiling very destructively, causing a lot of smoke and
disrupting the peace

Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): “Huh?!?!? Whats the meaning of this! Why’d this have to happen on MY shift?!?!”
The smoke spreads, covering most of the museum hall
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): presses the button on his head piece “I NEED BACK UP! BURGLARY AT FORTIS
Soon, an Umbreon decides to reveal itself, and steps out of the cloud of smoke
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): “You! Why are you doing this! You’ll be doing a lot of time in jail!”
???: “… jail…?”
The Umbreon slowly rises its head, revealing its face to the Guard, intentionally occupying everyones attention
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): thinks to himself “Gh! This guy… Hes… Hes not normal… I just hope back
up arrives before something bad happens…”
suddenly a Weavile with a duffle bag over his shoulder appears beside the Umbreon
???: “I’ve got the gems Gornak, hehehehehe, piece of cake!~”
Gornak the Umbreon: “Good work Rinx. Now lets go…”
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): thinks to himself “What the hell is going on here?! There was another guy in here the whole time? I never saw or sensed him at all! This is ridiculous! It cant be! Hes got the all three of the gems as well?!”
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): “Hey you! Give me the Ancient Rekka Gems back! Those are not to be played with!”
The Fortis Guard attacks with Sludge bomb, sending poisonous sludge at the enemies
The Weavile and Umbreon suddenly vanish into thin air, through the hole they blew out of the ceiling
Fortis Guard (Toxicroak): “Sch! They got away! And they have the Rekka Gems as well! This is not good.”
The guard slams his fist on the ground in disappointment, as the back up manages to arrive at that moment,
but much too late

Two very unpredictable enemies are on the loose… and it seems like no one can stop them. What do these 2 have
planned? Why do they want the Rekka Gems? Find out on the next chapter.