Kodaishin Ch. 2: Unknown Darkness

Gornak and Rinx had made their escape, as they are swiftly jumping over rooftops, approaching
the exit gate and gate keeper of Fortis Town.

Fortis Gate Keeper (Swellow): “Hey wait a second… are those… Dark types? No way! They were exterminated long ago! The only dark type I know now is Great Denrua of Fortis! What exactly is going on here?!”
Gornak and Rinx are approaching the gate keeper, and jump from a rooftop down to the ground, now facing the the main exit
Rinx the Weavile: “Hey you… It’d be well advised to get out of our way.”
The Gate keeper stairs at the enemies with an unmoveable facial expression
Fortis Gate Keeper (Swellow): “This is an odd encounter, but I must still stop them!”
The Fortis Gate Keeper begins to use Swords Dance, in an attempt to prepare himself to stop these criminals
Gornak the Umbreon: “Hmph… what fools these people are… We have no time to waste.”
Gornak and Rinx quickly gather their energy, and use a sudden power dash to speed by the Swellow in pure subtlety
Rinx the Weavile: “Heh!~”
The gate keeper slowly turns around in complete shock of the enemies ridiculous speed
Fortis Gate Keeper (Swellow): “Su-… Such speed!”
The villains are now out of the village, and begin to take their leave through the forest
Gornak the Umbreon: “Lord Alcazar will be quite pleased with us.”
Rinx the Weavile: “You got that right!”
Stella the Pikachu: “Hold it right there!”
The heroes happen to run into the criminals on their way back from hard training, and are now in a confrontation
with them

Rinx the Weavile: "Eh?
Denrua the Zoroark: “Hey… You… You wouldn’t happen to have just attacked our village by any chance…”
Gornak the Umbreon: “…”
Rinx the Weavile: “Hmph… Maybe… >:)”
Stella the Pikachu: “?!”
Rinx the Weavile: “Listen kid…If you don’t move out of our way… Simple, we’ll kill you.”
Stella the Pikachu: “Hey who are you talking to like that?! I’ll beat you to a pulp!”
Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself “I can’t sense any power out of these guys… Something is fishy here.”
Rinx the Weavile: “Hehehehe… Ey… Gornak. What do you say we have a little fun with these guys eh? >:)”
Gornak the Umbreon: “They, are much too weak to provide a challenge for us. You know that well.”
Rinx the Weavile: “Always pooping the party… A little fun won’t hurt ya know?”
Stella the Pikachu: “Bring it on tough guy!”
Stella’s body begins to electrify, as she is ready for a fight
Gornak the Umbreon: “Hmph… Do as you wish… But make it quick!”
Rinx the Weavile: “Hehehe… My pleasure. >:)”
The Rinx calmly crosses his arms in a X like shape, and begins to shake the ground, as aura begins to flow over his body
Rinx the Weavile: “…aaaaaaah…AHHHHHHH!!!”
Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself “This is it! This is similar to the power I sensed before!”
Stella the Pikachu: “Gh!”
The weavile sends a dark energy pulse through his body, and then suddenly all the aura goes back inside
his body

Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself: “No… way…”
Stella the Pikachu: “You don’t scare me!”
Rinx the Weavile: “Ready? >:) Here I come!”
Rinx suddenly charges at Stella so fast that he catches Stella well off her guard
Stella the Pikachu: thinks to herself “…This speed!”
Rinx is in Stella’s face, with his claw raised, one inch away from hitting Stella, when suddenly a
Focus Blast from Denrua connects with Rinx, saving Stella

Smoke surrounds the scenery
Stella the Pikachu: looks towards Denrua “That was a close one! Thanks Den!”
Denrua the Zoroark: “… Don’t mention it.”
The smoke clears out after a subtle moment
Gornak the Umbreon: “…”
Suddenly Rinx appears behind Denrua
Denrua notices Rinx but is much too slow to react
Denrua the Zoroark: thinks to herself “What?! A double team clone as a diversion?!”
Rinx the Weavile: “Hehehe!~ >:)”
Rinx strikes Denrua’s back with a devastating Shadow Claw
Stella the Pikachu: “Denrua! NO!”
Denrua instantly collapses to the ground
Gornak the Umbreon: “Thats enough Rinx, we must head back now.”
Rinx the Weavile: “What?! But the fun was just starting! Ah whatever…”
Rinx vanishes, and reappears beside Gornak
Stella runs over to Denrua who is severely injured and unconscious
Rinx the Weavile: “You got lucky this time! I’ll surely finish you off if we ever cross paths again!”
Stella the Pikachu: “Denrua are you okay!? Grrrr!! You’ll pay for that! I wont let you get away!”
Rinx the Weavile: “Lets go Gornak.”
Gornak the Umbreon: “As you wish.”
Gornak and Rinx vanish into thin air
Stella is helpless, as her friend is unconscious, and she is frustrated she couldn’t help the situation
Stella the Pikachu: “Damn it… Damn it all!”

Gornak and Rinx have succeeded in their mission and evil tactics… Denrua is in critical
condition… and Stella is in a panic state. What will happen next, on the next chapter of… the Tale of Kodaishin!