Latias skin?

If there is still anyone who takes requests, I’d like to request a Latias themed skin please. :)

Wish upon a Star, and it’s bound to come true! (Sorry I just had to say this xD)
Getting to the skin;

Key features:-
>Complete make over of Title Screen & In Game window interfaces.
>Features it’s own title screen music (Search for the Girl - Pokemon Heroes : Latios & Latias)


  1. Title Screen

  1. Character Select

  1. In-game

  1. New Account

  1. Delete Account

I don’t own any of the characters or images used in the Skin, credits to Nintendo & their respective artists.

Download Link
Download the Skin as a zip file from here and after extracting place the folder inside your Skins’ Folder (Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Client\Skins) :

It goes on without saying that anyone is free to use this skin, but really hope this is to your liking Star! :]

I… I’m actually at a loss for words here. xD
Thanks a lot Vee, it’s really awesome. ^_^

Glad you liked it! ^_^