Latios Skin

Hi there!
Today I bring you another skin I’ve managed to arrange, this time centered around Latios. Mainly a quick rework of the Latias Skin that I had completed last month but it does have a few unique elements of its own to offer so do have a look if it piques your interest!

Key features:-
>Complete make over of Title Screen & In-game window interfaces.
>Features its own title screen music (Search for the Girl - Pokemon Heroes : Latios & Latias)


  1. Title Screen

  1. Character Select

  1. Game Window

  1. New Account

  1. Delete Account

I don’t own any of the characters or images used in the Skin, credits to Nintendo & their respective artists.

Download Link
As a zip file :

Or alternatively

As a PMU Skin Package :

*On downloading the zip file, it will have to be extracted in the Skins folder (Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Client\Skins)

That’s about it, hope some get to enjoy the skin! :]

Very nice skin. Thank you for sharing!

it looks great, Veezo!! good work!! :heart:

Glad you guys liked it! :3

its cute

Thank you ^.^