Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (HD)

so uh
this is my personal favourite game of all time and is the reason im a nintenerd
anyone else really love this game?
it did a great job for the zelda lore. there were some truly mysterious locations that are really fun to theorize about. the arbiter’s grounds- one of the scariest dungeons in zelda history. the city in the sky- skyloft before skyloft was a thing. sacred grove- omg skull kid what are you doing here
not to forget the hero’s shade, who is actually majora’s mask link grown up and dead, meaning majora’s mask link didn’t die in majora’s mask.
take that game theory

Woo another Twilight Princess fan! It’s not my all time favorite but I like it quite a lot.
I loved the remake a lot more since the gameplay (especially attacking with the standard set of buttons) was a lot smother. Personally I hated Motion Control and that’s why I never liked Skyward Sword. So hopefully there’s a remake of that one day.
With that being said, lets start off with one guy.
But no in all seriousness he’s one of my favorite villains throughout the entire storyline of The Legend of Zelda. He’s really funny obviously, and his battles are just amazing. Oh, he was also hilarious on Hyrule Warriors. xDD

I also loved the bosses! Almost all of them but the snow yeti thing because that scared the living daylights out of me are really enjoyable and actually put up a heck of a fight. I also love the item that acts like a Beyblade which I’ve forgotten the name of.

The last thing I love (I have many more but I don’t want to list them all xD), is Epona. I love how you get her from the start and don’t have to go through some tedious process to get it. Cough looking at you Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Cough.
I also thought she was really awesome to ride on too, and on most games that you can have things like mounts I don’t use because I feel like it’s more adventurous and cooler walking on foot. (Xenoblade X is a great example)

Bomb Arrows. They are amazing.

Going over your post again, I see you mentioned theories. That’s another thing I loved about Twilight Princess - the Theories were fantastic and actually believable! Like you mentioned, the Stalfos that is theorized to be Link from Majora’s Mask who died is a great one.
Not from Twilight Princess but Ocarina of Time, my (maybe all time favorite) theory has got to be the sages and that they all die too. If you haven’t heard of it, search it up, it’s a great theory. x)

ayy a reply!
you gotta love how they built up zant to be spooky and edgy and ridiculously powerful, atmospherically making you trek through the palace of twilight. you enter the boss room, scared and prepared for the semifinal boss of the game. you leave the boss room laughing your head off at that final phase and his sword moves. HW did a great job with zant and ghirahim.
personally, i loved the motion controls and skyward sword was extremely enjoyable but eh, opinions are opinions :D
the bosses in this game have a real cinematic feel and just give you that adrenaline rush whenever the music of “HIT THE BOSS NAO” starts playing. the item you’re talking about is the spinner, the boss featuring it was really fun.

this was my first zelda game, and what really got me into the feel was riding epona in hyrule field, slashing my sword as the sunset and the awesome music played. epona in this game is perfect. when i played ocarina of time 3d i was somewhat dissapointed with epona, but oh well xD i’ve never really finished majora’s mask, as i lose interest around snowfall or whatever it’s called.
bombarrows ftw!
the hero’s shade (the skeleton) was confirmed to be the hero of time in the hyrule historia.
ty for the theory! i’ll check that out.

also wolf link
wolf link is the best
also midna
midna is the best
game developers were like
“why not both?”

Twilight Princess is by far one of my favorite Zelda games, so I was super excited when it got a remake. The graphics enhanced are amazing, and the new amiibo is really cool. Twilight Princess is definitely very rich in theories and has lots of stuff to do, making the game fun even when you’re not directly doing plot related things. I used to spend hours running around Castle Town in wolf form because it was fun to be able to talk to the animals and scare the townsfolk away. I loved that they made many things just for Wolf Link to get into, Kakariko Village as a good example. And also yes Midna = best companion imo.

im not sure why it gets so much hate to be honest, and the remake plays buttery smooth. the new graphics only add to the experience, and i’ve not got round to unwrapping my amiibo yet because it looks so good (the zelda amiibos imo look the best). i could never understand how people say the game has nothing to do in it- there’s poe hunting, finding hidden grottos in the game, that DAMN minigame in the hidden village where you had to talk to 20 cats and of course trying to beat yeto and yeta in a race. wolf link was a really fun part of the game for me, which made me surprised when i found out wolf link had some negative recievers. the reason midna was the best by far is because she’s an actual part of the game, someone that feels like a companion, instead of being navi and tael who are just there for exposition.