Live Music

Just got back from a tremendous concert and wondered who everyone’s been to see or going to see live, maybe who they’d like to see live.~

I recently was invited to a concert at Carnegie Hall. In short, a relative’s son was playing in one of the orchestras and I was brought along.

I knew they were all high school students, and I wasn’t expecting anything absolutely astounding. And, of course, five minutes after I sat down – I was floored.

They displayed such a level of professionalism and skill that I was surprised they weren’t actual full-time musicians. There were three separate “bands”: one wind ensemble, the symphony band, and the philharmonic / chamber orchestra.

Here are a few pieces they played. (It isn’t the same high school, but still, sends across my point.)

Equus by Eric Whiteacre
Jubilant Overture by Joshua Renzicow.

Tico Tico no Fuba by Zequinha de Abreu. Arr. Cliff Colnot
Not sure if this particular arrangement is by him, but at least, his name was in the program I was given.

For anyone interested in seeing anything from an orchestra to a typical pop or rock band live – go see them! It’s really worth it!

Haven’t heard any of those before but they sound brilliant, orchestral music or those with bands with lots of instruments are particularly good live, I always get a really strong atmosphere from concerts like that.

A few months back, I saw Postmodern Jukebox on a whim. It’s a collective that constantly remakes songs with different artists in a whole manner of styles, swing, doo-wop, surf rock, in some cases I’ve gotten into their cover of a song that I didn’t like the original version of.

Didn’t actually mention before, but it was Bruce Springsteen I went to see yesterday. Along with about 50,000 more people. Worth mentioning that some of the best live performances are those filled with lots of energy, Springsteen always has this, dancing with the crowd, joining them, having fun with fellow band members.~

I’m seeing Justin Bieber with my girlfriend.

pls dont kill me