Login screen won't go away

on windows 10

i just downloaded the game, made an account and all that. then when i tried to first load in, i ended up with a screen like this

i tried closing the game and booting it up again and logging out and back in, but neither of those work. i dont know how else to fix this without uninstalling and reinstalling it. thanks for your time

You can click and drag the titlebars of the windows to move them out of the way for now. I’m sorry you’re having the Issue, you’ll need to use the workaround at the moment until It fixes Itself or the Issue causing It ( which I don’t know what unfortunately ) can be resolved properly.


ah, alright. thank you for the tip!

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may i ask if you are from latinoamerica?

im asking for since it also happends to me, and im form there (argentina actually)

A mi ni me deja iniciar sesión y eso que he puesto bien mis datos

F, ¿quizá te equivocaste en las mayúsculas?