Lover's Lane

Well, nothing too major. Just a little map I made for a little contest hosted by Leon Draceus and I wanted to share it! I love mapping and I’m quite proud of this one. The theme is romance, and I desired to capture the softer, sweeter, innocent aspect of it. It’s a little place atop a hill that overlooks a beautiful view for dates with your sweetheart. I may tweak it here and there before the deadline of the contest, but this is essentially the final result.

The two signs can be interacted with and the map is animated when you go to visit it, so if you’d like to see it in person, please do! Open in new tab to see the full image.

If anyone else is participating in it, I wish you all good luck!

That’s a very sweet map! You did good. I like this theme :heart:

such a very great map ! supreme job ! :joy: :joy: :joy: