Low priority > A consideration for /yeet-like commands & proposal for a /jail command

1 - Priority is low, feel free to consider this if bored or in need of a break from
… the more complex stuff. (relevant stuff @ line 17 & line 26 onward, if you don’t wanna read the rest)

… It occured sometime… this month(writiŋ this in May) or the prior…
5 - In Grassroot Town’s local chat, someone expressed the wish there was a
… command that “spawned a bunch of delibird who kidnap you &
… bring you to an iceberg”… or somethiŋ…
… this reminded me of the slapstick punishment/joke commands
… (/yeet, /yeetmoon, /court, /pinkwall etc.). One time I suggested
10- the makiŋ of somethiŋ like that to add to the list, w/ the theme of
… a “schoolhouse” (in turn inspired by all the “English only in global” I got
… back in 2020 even when typiŋ in English ---).
… Back then my proposal was declined for the reason that makiŋ too many
… of those joke maps would be kinda wasteful in terms of data, data that could be used
15- on more relevant & dignified content (fair) … this (circa) I wrote back in that day, when
… the fellow mentioned the delibird-kidnap-you-thing… & then this came to my mind :
… the joke/slapstick punishment commands don’t have to send the user on a map of its own,
… they could instead very well take 'em to a pre-existiŋ location!
… Now, I’m NOT necessarily suggestiŋ to go ahead & ruin the
20- Exbellan landscape w/ schools or other junk(especially schools-_-), but we could do this instead :
… let us say… user Damien the roamer is botheriŋ Kirk w/ excessive
… praise & fandom, or w/ idiotic ideas about commands… for a change,
… Kirk, instead of sending Damien to court, blastiŋ him into the cosmos,
25- or challengiŋ him to a stariŋ contest, types the followiŋ :
> /jail "Damien the roamer"
… The Damien is thusly warped to the “Jail Reception” w/o process, &
… the warp spot tile is specifically set somewhere in that corner,
… w/ the blocked-off murkrow & sneasel! (giviŋ those NPCs lines is ad-libitvm, aka at one’s own leisure)
A funny montage thing for demonstration poss.definitive
30-Oh, & also : imagine if the /jail command produced a metal-pea-whistle-like sfx (aka
… the refereeiŋ whistle), or a siren sfx used in the animé, or the funky noise
… magnezone & co. make once you bring 'em a captured outlaw in EoTDS!
… Of course, this is just a flourish for fun&frolick, & thus has low priority.
… It ought definitely be easy, since it would require to copy stuff from
35- a command like /yeet, changing a few names, & adding a warp tile.
… Feel free to consider it if bored or if tired of dealing w/
… more complex stuff & in need of a break.
… T.y.v.m.i. for your attention, & have a good time!

And the formatting is garbage fixed! Gg|
…on a side-note, I ought ask info on the changiŋ of forum nickname :
this one sounds somewhat pretentious & could cause some confusion.
And I tried spritiŋ 17th century clothing on toto 'cause I was bored. xÞ
Oh, & the title sounds liek that of a centuries-old, dull treaty ! xD

…apologies to phone readers whose “desktop site” option doesn’t work,
I tested on my own device & trust me, I know the feel ("._.)