Main House Revamp

Hii y’all! Revamped my old house, it’s over a year old now I think and I figured it’d be time to see if I improved. I hope you like it!

Here’s the old version:

And here’s the new version!:

nice house could easily be the best region map if it was part of PMU :P

sucks m9 ur fired

you can’t fire me, I quit


Thank you medo <3

I fired you before you quit so ur fired

Thanks Chron! Glad you like it :D

Absolutely stunning map, I love what you did with the ropes. Always love seeing your work :heart:

aa thank you kit! Glad you like it <3 I appreciate it! :joy:

You show perfection! The amount of detail is just how I like it. I can easily see this as being a beautiful overworld map. Good job!