[Major Update] Official Forums Revamp

Hello PMU Players! Welcome to our new Forums!

Firstly we would like to thank you very much for your patience during the forums transfer. It has been a long and exciting process for all of us, and it is finally completed!

As we have mentioned, the forums have been successfully moved over from phpBB 3.0.7 to vBulletin 4.2.4.

To get you started, here are a few notes from the staff team.


User accounts, mostly, have been left untouched. Unfortunately in the process of transferring databases, we had to leave behind your forum avatars, and forum signatures. Furthermore, any account settings you may have configured will most likely not be the same as they have been set to vBulletin’s standard default. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you.

Lastly, your password has been invalidated completely during the process. This means that you will have to reset your account password via email. You can reset your password by clicking here. We also apologize that this has happened - unfortunately because the vBulletin software uses a different encryption method, it was not possible for us to transfer passwords as well.

If you are having trouble accessing your account (trouble recovering?), Contact Us.


We are proud to present a few new and nifty features that are on our new forums! Below you will see a list of our newest features, and how to use them!

The Forum Shop is a shop that a user can purchase many valuable items from. At the current time, we currently have account add-ons only. For the future, we are looking into adding in collectible items, as well as Pokemon items that will be released periodically. We also are interested in adding in limited edition items sometime in the near future.

You can access the shop through the Shop tab on the navigation bar.

Our Shop uses a currency called “Poké Dollars”. You are probably asking, “how can I get some of this currency?”. We will be explaining how to do so right now! However, for clarification, the currency is completely FREE and will ALWAYS be free.

You can earn currency by doing the following actions:

  • =center]Posting (please do not spam - we will be monitoring posts).
  • =center]Posting threads (above rules)
  • =center]Birthday gift (make sure your birthday on your account is correct, you cannot change it)
  • =center]Referral (Have a new user set you as their referrer on the forums. Do NOT abuse.)
  • =center]Welcome bonus - a bonus amount for new users (Again, do not abuse; you must be an approved user (5 posts) to gain your Poke Dollars).
  • =center]Daily bonus (simply logging in once a day nets you some Poké Dollars)
  • =center]Winning forum contests hosted by staff.
  • =center]Giveaways.

Please note that if you abuse or in any way tamper or exploit our forum currency system, we will take actions against your account, and take all of your Poké Dollars, exploited or not.


[/b][/u]Players can now create their own custom blogs!

On the navigation bar, you can find the tab labeled “Blogs”. You can access the Blogs page by clicking this tab.

Blogs are a more social feature for our users! The uses for blogs are endless and are only limited by the author’s imagination. A few examples that a Blog can be used for are:

-Video series (IE: PMU playthrough).

Most Popular Blogs are determined by number of views, and Best Blogs are determined by a blog’s rating level. Please do not create alternate accounts to abuse the rating system.


[/b]Players can also make their own social groups! These are simply an area in the forums where players that share similar interests can group and talk together. You can set the group to be private to only members and staff or you can have it publicly accessible. The options are endless!

To access groups: Navbar > Community > Groups.


Players can now also create a photo album. Whether this be for in-game screenshots, cool pictures you want to show off, or anything else, you can feel free to post them in your custom album! (NOTE: ANY NSFW PICTURES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED).

(Another note: to use pictures while customizing your profile page, you will need to add said pictures to an album).

To access albums: Navbar > Community > Albums.


[/u][/b]All accounts now have a fully customizable profile page assigned to them. You can visit your account by clicking your username on the top right of the forums page.

A few changes from phpBB’s old profile page to vBulletin’s include:

-A new Visitor Message system! Feel free to leave a comment on someone’s page whenever you wish, as long as it follows the forum rules.
-Fully customizable UI for your profile (Note: You need to purchase the item to do this in the forum shop).
-You will also have a new friends list. You can befriend any user on the forums and you can also make them your contact. This has no significant tied features to it.

You can also add a user-title to your account! This usertitle is a line of text of your choice that will appear beneath your username on all of your posts, messages, etc. You will need to purchase the item in the forum shop to change your usertitle from what it currently is.


[/b][/u]We are very excited to announce that we are introducing two new forums for our Players to use. Those two forums are the “Questions for the PMU Staff” and “Appeals”.

Questions for the PMU Staff are exactly what it sounds like: a forum where you can privately contact the entirety of the current Staff Team with any questions, concerns, comments, etc! Only YOU and the Staff team will be able to view any threads you post.

Next up, we have our Appeals Forum. We are proud to present this new system for banned users in-game to appeal their ban. (NOTE ONLY YOU AND THE STAFF TEAM WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW ANY THREADS YOU POST).

A guide to appealing your ban can be found by clicking here.

Small note: Some bbcodes from phpbb will appear broken. We have corrected a majority of the broken bbcodes ourselves, but if you find any broken bbcodes, feel free to let us know (or if they’re in your post, correct them). We appreciate all the help we can get! Unfortunately some bbcodes were impossible to convert to vBulletin format, so we thank you for all of the help in tackling the remaining broken codes.

With all of that being said, that wraps up our forum transition details. We would like to thank you for all of your patience once again.

Enjoy our new forums!!!

-The PMU Staff Team.