Make Best Exploration Card!.


Welcome to The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trainer Card Contest!

This is the forums first trainer card contest, and it will also be the first contest to ever use Mystery Dungeon cards for some rounds. There will also be rounds for normal cards to attract people who like either or both styles of card making. Anyone is allowed to join the weekly rounds, as long as you follow the theme.


  • No stealing other peoples work, if you do, u will be disqualified
    *No swearing.

Judges will take turns setting the theme and judging each regular round. Do not ask to be a judge, if I see someone I want to be a judge I will ask you.(might need 2 judges!.

* Napo
* Flare.

Current Regular Round:

Description: Basically, base the card on one of the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games (i.e. Red Rescue Team or Blue Rescue Team,Time and Darkness.
Due:will be extended. to End of march since busy on march 1st.
Judging: Napo


part 4

eg i made: .

Prize is 100 big mushrooms



At least u could have asked me, Max!
Well, here i have Team PokeHeroes…

Hope u like it! Its my first creation and i think i did it quite well…
Well… bye!


Well… I’m not all that good at making this sorta stuff, but here is mine.

In reality, this is the very first image I’ve ever made. :D


i need 2-3 judges :D.


I made a card like this before! Except it kind of stinks…I should make a better one & enter this contest with it! ;)


Oooo may I judge? :3


Sure thing.


i hope this is correct this is my first time making a Exploration Team Card and putting things on a Forum


I kind of fixed the pic so that u can see more of it


The Flag i made is a wing with a “L” logo to represent Team Legendary


TEAM OTAKU!! crew expandable version!

I like it its now in my sig!!




I have explorer card, in my signature. Click on it if you have to…