Make Event Crystals Stack With Itself

Title, would be nice for a lot more mons (if not all of them) to have access to 4x move speed while doing dungeons. Have 2 Grass Crystals in sunny weather so that grass types can go 4x speed in dungeons, etc. Granted some family items would have to be changed if this were to be implemented but that’s a fair trade off imo. Please consider.

While its a good idea to make all types get the same benefits across the board, I do personally think 4x speed is sorta broken/too good personally in some cases. Crystals are items that could definitely use some sort of change; or at least the movement speed system itself.

If it were up to me I’d probably make 3x speed the highest you can get with crystals (allowing the same crystal to stack), 2x perhaps with mobile scarf though. This definitely wouldn’t be perfect but its just a rough idea.

Would love to hear what others think about this topic though, I know it’s definitely a popular one. :wobbafett:


i think the best implementation would be to just take a page out of the original pmd and make it so being at 0 belly forces you back to base movement speed,
if that where the case you could honestly do whatever you wanted with movement speed since the actual issue with speed currently is it’s combo with mobile scarf,
(you could even make it stack up to 8x or something then!)

the fact that starving is also currently a non issue,
even without mobile scarf your rewarded by not eating apples since the 100 belly from a big apple lasts less stebs then the healing of a 14 pp recovery move meaning that a ether is better then a apple,
at least on high level due to the starve damage being fixed,

i think movement speed would be competely fine if there wheren’t such strategies that used it to such incredible extents


I would really be down for this rendition of the idea. I do think 4x speed is a little excessive and I find myself and others running into walls a lot with that much speed. Allowing the same crystal to stack would honestly be sooo good, as right now the conditions for a usable mon are basically 1) Max movement speed or 2) 2x movement speed with reliable self recovery. Of course, the best mons have both, but if crystals could stack, it’d at least allow every mon to enter the first category, meaning it wouldn’t feel like you’re completely gimping yourself for using a mon you like. Max speed tight belt is a decent strat after all.

If people like 4x speed, maybe stuff like Rock Polish or Agility can still bring it up to 4x, but that may be difficult to code.

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I think the opposite to be honest, rn these crystals kinda make a lot of pokemon obsolete, and honestly there should be nerfs to crystals, instead of making everything able to 4x speed.


I do agree with this, I’ve always hoped for some form of nerf/balancing around this kind of stuff and this seems like one of the more reasonable ideas. Damage from hunger is so easy to avoid in the game’s current state (I mean, just look at Noivern runners) and it could have more of an impact. I suppose I’m a bit worried about us “nerfing” a bit too much and it ends up having more of a negative impact than a positive one.

The meta and playstyles in this game have drastically changed, at this point its just a juggling act to balance things out. But we’ll be considering all sorts of options to get things at least feeling a bit better. :pyukuthumbsup:


i whoIeheartedIy agree the better thing here is to nerf x4 speed and/or waIIwaIking, as opposed to making everything OP

but otherwise, i agree with aII of these ideas. as i have mentioned before, whenever we have this discussion at Iength in the discord chat
but reading the ideas on this forum gives me a brand new idea.

what if we Iet event crystaIs stack.
and we keep x4 speed

BUT we nerf event crystaIs so that each individuaI crystaI onIy gives +25% speed
AKA you need something Iike 10 crystaIs to get x4 speed

requiring that much inventory to maintain x4 speed necessitates a trade off that peopIe have to baIance out. with how much stuff they wanna hoId