Manual Graphics Update

Hey guys!

I know you’ve been waiting for Winter HC this year, and you’re definitely not going to miss out on it. Unfortunately, we’ve run into a huge problem-- our updater on our backend has suddenly stopped working. We are still investigating why this has occurred.

In the meantime the Staff Team has come up with a temporary solution: manually overriding your GFX folders with the contents of new graphics in a GFX folder you must drop into your Client folder.

!!! FYI !!!: Do not delete your current GFX folder! That method will not update your graphics if you attempt to place the new folder with the pre-existing folder gone!

Download the .zip file I will provide from a dropbox link the next portion, unzip the file somewhere in your documents or your download folder, either will work… leave it named “GFX”, copy the entire folder, and paste it into your Client folder. You may experience a wait, as it’s at least 2k files to override/add-- if you get a window asking you to replace files, you must choose ‘Replace All/Yes’ in order to view new graphics.

If you experience anything unusual, please do not hesitate to contact the Staff Team with your issue.