Messing with Kitty

I was sitting around in my house, and I saw on Gobal chat that these people are messing with Kitty5327i, I was just talking to Kitty about this and I want to report them. They keep on messing with Kitty and I’m sick of it, she never does anything wrong
Proof on the bulling, if the picture doesn’t come clear Staff mind fixing it D:

I hope something can be done about this! :x.x:

we didnt really messed with her or anything
I asked her a serious question some times days ago and gave her moveset for her flareon
She called me buly and stuff and said i hated flareon and idk what.

by the way you could have screened too when she called me bully and stuff for no reason.


so eh

Be informed?

this kind of “marry me joke” happen everywhere on pmu btw.

Locking this thread.

This forum is for reporting and not further commenting. Please read the report user forum guidelines before posting.

Thank you.