Misc. Suggestions That Can Wait, But Please Read It Anyway:

I think that the player base will hate that idea but…

Suggestion: Extra Spawns

Like, you can set up to 3 spawns (EG: A spawn on Pillager’s Cove, one in Snowbasin Inn and another in Archford Inn - Idk the name) and when you /gup or die, you can choose on of the spawns.

Suggestion: /sleep Command

We all know how there’s a TON of Asleep-Pokémon lines EVERYWHERE in Grassroot. And sometimes, you don’t want to be left out and, well, you have no Rest or a Sleep Seed. Well, this is dumb, but we could create a /sleep command that work in towns so you can participate. Well, that’s the dumbest suggestion I did yet! :nessacringe:

If you agree with at least one suggestion, vote below:

  • Extra Spawns
  • /sleep
  • Both

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And then, vote upwards! :chikoritaye: