Mockup Beginning room/starter rooms

I made these type based starter rooms just for fun. The sparkles are sposed to be the exit out. Yea I know it would be problematic if someone could leave without choosing one but this isnt for a real game or anything just felt like making themed rooms.

This is the first room where you get an intro from a ninetales then you go through “the portal that leads to the world of pokemon”.

The you get in this hub room which leads to the starter rooms. The little signs have a cheesy description sort of like reminiscent of the personality test but not really. I didnt really finish it either since I forgot most of the stairs and the floor looks weird.

I just put the smallest and cutest of each type, in my opinion, for the starter choices

Music: ORAS Surfing
Sign text: Relaxed and adaptable, you seem to effortlessly glide to your destination.
You must be a Water type!

[I like the background but the grass looks kinda funny too bad it wasnt a two tile area so it could cover the awkward area under the palm trees. But I like the surfboard a lot]

Music: PMD2 Team Charms Theme
Sign text: Your courage and passion drive you to great deeds.
You must be a Fire type!

[This rooms kinda boring and generic even if its very fire-ish, but the music is cool]

Music: PMDB Mt Steel
Sign text: You are full of energy and strive for amazing progress in anything you do.
You must be an Electric type!

Music: Anime Minamo City
Sign text: You have a zest for life that leads you to new experiences every day.
You must be a Grass type!

Music: DPPt Mio City (Night)
Sign text: You may not always stand out among your fellows, but you have infinite potential and shine in your own beautiful way.
You must be a Normal type!

[I like how the bed is a door and it looks like a team base or guild hall]

Music: PMDB Friend Area Swamp
Sign text: You are resourceful and inventive, and you have a great sense of humor.
You must be a Dark type!

Music: Anime Route 201 Day
Sign text: You see the world in unique perspectives and are always true to yourself no matter what.
You must be a Ghost type!

Music: PMDB Escape through the snow
Sign text: Calm and independant, you always strike a bold new path for yourself.
You must be an Ice type!

Music: PMD2 Concealed Ruins
Sign text: Reliable and steadfast, you endure any hardship without giving in.
You must be a Rock type!

[The white spot on that rug thing bugs me but im too lazy to fix it.]

Music: BW2 Ancient Times
Sign text: Loyal and true, you instill order in a chaotic world.
You must be a Steel type!

[I think this room came out the best. It just fits the theme to me and I like the windows.]

Music: PMD2 Quicksand Pit
Sign text: You are practical and always let reason guide your actions, but you are also compassionate and considerate of others.
You must be a Ground type!

[This ones kinda boring.]

Music: BW Fukiyose City
Sign text: Your dreams have no boundaries, and you know there are always incredible things waiting just ahead.
You must be a Flying type!

[I really like this music. Sounds like flying to me. When it was done I realized it"s a lot like the endroom of mt skylift, but I like that room a lot. A neat thing is that if you pick a flying type you can walk to the sparkle like you"re flying away.]

Music: PMD2 A fun exploration
Sign text: You get along with others and know the value of friendship and cooperation.
You must be a Bug type!

[It ended up being my favorite of all them because its cute.]

Music: BW2 Desolate Opelucid City
Sign text: With a natural feel for balance, you are sensitive to the world around you and the feelings of others.
You must be a Psychic type!

Music: HGSS Dance Theatre
Sign text: Willing to stand for all you believe in, you take the time to do things right and never stop seeking to improve yourself.
You must be a Fighting type!

Music: ORAS Sky Pillar
Sign text: Above all, you value freedom and individuality. Your morals are your own and you never compromise them.
You must be a Dragon type!
[Dont like this one that much, it looks busy and i was also too lazy to fix those coin stacks. And the minimap covers the door which looks dumb.]

Music: PMD2 Dark Wasteland
Sign text: Ambitious and determined, you are bound to leave those around you forever changed.
You must be a Poison type!

Music: DPPt Battle Frontier- Battle Stage
Sign text: You are full of affection and bring joy to those around you.
You must be a Fairy type!

[This ones my least favorite cause its way too busy and doesnt make me think of fairy type at all except for the music. This was the only one i re did too, at first it was a heart shaped room made of pink clouds with a teaparty but I thought that was too generic. This one took forever but still didnt come out right so i gave up. Sorry fairy types…]

I apologize for all the cheesiness but it was a fun project. I kind of want to use the steel room for my own house now.

These are so well mapped and unique, I especially love what you did for electric. I hope you make more stuff, i’d love to see more cool maps from you.

Amazing work :P

Thanks guys, its really nice of you to say! Its sure fun to map. I think picking the music is my favorite part tho.

OMG, what a spectacular and amazing work, just like usual, Zango x3

I love Electric, Bug and Steel Room xD

Thanks Elec, you’re really sweet :heart:

Maybe i can help you to make a better Fairy Room xD what do u say?

These are great! I love the little personality texts. The Dark and Ghost ones made me smile. I was half expecting something negative for those but they’re very cool and postive discriptions!

The bug, water, normal, rock and grass ones are my favourites.