Money Making Tips?

There’s probably a lot of us out there who are wondering the same thing “How do i make a lot of Poke?”. I too would like to know.

  • When i do dungeon runs, i tend to make 3k or less depending on how well the run goes.
  • I don’t have any fossils or top tier items i could sell.
  • I doubt anyone’s buying Max Ethers.

tl;dr can someone offer tips how to get more money?

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Top tier dungeons are always the best for making money.
Personally my favourite dungeon for dishing out money / items (Because selling items to people is by far the best money making stratergy), is Mt. Moon.
Mt. Moon offers quite a lot of good items such as:

  • Heart Scales (In walls most of the time, can sell them for around 20-30k if people are looking to buy them)
  • Comet Shards which sell for 15k each.
  • Star Piece which I believe sells for around 7500 Poke.
  • Coronet Rocks
  • Stardusts
  • Diamonds
  • Deoxys drops (Tight Belt especially can make over 100k alone), Slate too but that’s not popular really.

Usually when I run Mt. Moon for money, I tend to get around 100k roughly worth of stuff per run. Especially if Deoxys wants to be kind to you. Also, 30F+ is when the items get pretty good.

However, to get the most out of a money run, here’s a few tips (That I know of), that’ll massively help.
Make sure you have maximum inventory space

  • Safety Goggles (Get this from Tanren Undercity, depending on what Base you’re in with ekop. Neglect weather related stuff, spore moves and removes darkness. Basically a better version X-Ray Specs).
  • Treasure Specs. Frisk works too, but Treasure Specs allows you to identify any hidden items on the floor by refreshing the map without having to rely on 1 Pokemon with Frisk. Being able to find hidden items is essential. Trust me.
  • Tight Belt. Tight Belt is VERY helpful. Don’t need to waste inventory page with apples when you navigate the entire floor in search of decent items. Stamina Band also does well if you don’y have Tight Belt.
  • ALWAYS bring a Ghost Type Pokemon, or if not, a Trapped Scarf to gain access to walls. Without either of those, your run will be quite bad.

Some other dungeons like Dynamo, Mysterious Jungle, Dragons Den, Sky Fortress (Garden Secret Rooms), are also good dungeons to try.

One thing to keep in mind is that don’t expect every run to be great. Just keep trying and it should give you good results every now and then.

I probably could have added more, but I’m tired so I tried to keep it brief. I hope this helped! If you have any questions let me know! Happy hunting! :>