More In-depth Tutorial (Missions, game mechanics, etc.)

This is probably my first suggestion I’ve ever posted, but I just wanted to share some ideas I’ve been thinking about! So, I apologize if this seems messy or unorganized. ^^’

With the large amount of newer players recently, I’ve seen a lot of new people struggling to progress in the game or not knowing where to go. Because of that, I thought about some new features or NPCs that could be added to help aid new players. I had the idea to add a new building in Grassroot, or somewhere near the Crossroads, which would be quite similar to the Explorer’s Bazaar. Except it’s more similar to Wigglytuff’s Guild (from PMD2) or the Expedition Society (from PSMD).

Essentially, it could serve as an introduction to how you progress in the game - and provide more in-depth info about things like guilds and missions. Perhaps this could serve as a second part of the tutorial, guiding players to some early Exbel dungeons + rewarding them as they complete goals… For example, they could be rewarded with Poke or special items upon completing specific tasks, like; collecting HMs, clearing dungeons, achieving a certain rank, etc. There’s really not much that helps guide newbies, aside from older players giving pointers. That’s not really a big issue, but it seems like newer players have to rely on older players to really progress. Expanding on the tutorial or something of that nature would definitely help out a lot of people!

I had the idea of this building being owned by a team of explorers lead by Caspian (or some new NPC? I just think Caspian would be an interesting choice!). Inside, there would be multiple NPCs that explain things like guilds, dungeons, certain mechanics, and missions. I figured these NPCs could be ‘famous explorers’ who explored with Caspian/the leader in the past, hence why they would know so much about dungeons and the world. This could introduce small stories which prompt players to go to certain dungeons and explore Exbel! I feel like this would be a solid way to give a sense of direction/progression to help them start off. :]

May edit this again in the future, but I just wanted to share this and get to hear other people’s thoughts!

I like the premise of this idea and I can see us implementing something like it. Looking forward to reading further discussion/ideas expanding on it!