Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m very happy to announce to the public…


This is the map that I made for my guild: Legend of Explorers. You can come and check it out by yourself in my house (Ele_demaru’s House)

Looks amazing electro mouse i’m sure LoE will be happy spending time in there :joy:

Oh thank you Mr.Moo :joy: Our guild members are very happy to stay here, I must say. xD

This looks pretty excellent! Especially with such a tedious tileset to work with. I’m impressed!
The waterfalls look nice but the tip of them look strange - like where is the water coming from? Looks a bit off but pretty minor and difficult to get correct.
I also love how it’s sat on the ocean with the night sky, it makes it look very pretty. =w=

Ye, I know about that error xP maybe I could fix it by adding foam and consider those falls as if they are pouring out from the ground, isn’t it ok? :3

Also, thanks for your compliment, I appreciate! xD

Your maps look so nice elec! I especially like the stone foundation under the skitty house.

Thank you Zango! x3

I used some dungeon tiles to make the foundation for houses like that. :3

ABSOLutely EXCELLENT ! very nice and unique style :joy: :joy: if you would ever be a mapper , i am 100% sure you would do MASTER PIECES ! :joy: :joy: :joy: