So, here was the conversation that happened; Mungl1 was bugging bigbal, and Mungl1 called bigbal a noob.

Also, picture from Suzzy.

He didn’t to anything enough to get a punishment yet

I was trying to run a shop, and it’s very bad that people are fighting D:

He didn’t want to buy anything from my shop, he just came to Harass Bigbal, that isn’t right :|

Unfortunately, that isnt still enough, also, you can kick people from your house.

The /housekick command, he can just come right back in and start again. :| that’s the problem with the command
Staff, read the report and then Lock the Topic please!!

You could get away with that pretty easily, you could to other house, tell ur buddies to go there, Mungl wouldnt know where u went, and after a while you could just go back to your’s, you have to think like this sometimes, but i agree, Mungl shouldnt do that, at least a warning.

Are you doing this out of hate??!? Because if its just out of hate just spit it right into my face ill take it and i wont report you <33333
and let me make this clear i came to see the shop but than bigbal tried to throw me out of a shop that wasnt even his
so after i noticed how useless items you have except for that white silk i decided to leave as Bigbal challenged me to arena just so he could proof that he isnt a noob…He sadly failed :(((((((
:?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!:

Locking this thread. Will submit for evaluation.

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