My Banner.

So I was using Photoshop and thought to myself… maybe I should make a banners, so I did. I would like thoughts on them :joy:

There are more banners coming soon. So keep on visiting this thread.

Edit: Made 2 more banners


Very nicely done!! :joy: :joy: :heart: :heart:

For a first, I think it looks amazing! even better because Piplup I think personally the size should be a bit bigger / taller, and the border could be improved. But other than that, I love the colours and the details you’ve used.
Other than that, I think you’ll be a really good banner maker! Good job!

Thanks! I actually made another one, this one was for friends.

Text 101

  1. Always light color, not too saturated. (aka no elmo/fire truck red please).
    1.5) When in doubt, white.
  2. When white doesn’t work, white with black stroke.
  3. When that doesn’t work, white with black stroke on a dark strip or dark place on the background.

Nice banner.