My Favorite Pokémon Of All Types So Far + A Notice From My FanFic! (Definite Edition)

Grass (Maractus):

I was into a Pokémon game series since I was 5, a game that is viable for children thanks to the sweet and heartwarming plot The Pokémon Company made for both of its entries, specially the first one, and amazing battle mechanics that does not rely on stats at all, specially in the second game. Ladies and gentlemon, I introduce you to POKÉPARK!!!

Maractus was a Pokémon that caught my attention for two reasons: its appearance on Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond and its appearance on one of the first Pokémon Anime episodes that I ever watched: 715 (I did not use Bulbapedia to remember the episode number :meltandabdance:) - A Maractus Musical!

My childhood experiences made me appreciate the forgotten Pokémon, and I will regret nothing.

Fire (Chandelure):

Honestly, I just liked Chandelure since the start, thanks to Poképark 2: Wonder Beyond (I started to like Pokemon during the Unova days :chikoritaye: ), but it never stood out to me, and I even considered choosing M-Blaziken, Braixen, Delphox or Volcarona instead, until a PMU gamer teached me Chandelure supremacy: Data_Blundered!

Water (Jellicent):

I nearly chose Lumineon if it wasn’t from the memories Frillish gave me in Poképark 2, plus its awesomeness and succesfulness on memes (P R I N G L E S). The Pink Frillish is my favorite, but Blue Jellicent is the best of them all in my opinion.

Normal (Castform):

If it wasn’t for MandJTV, I would have chosen Chatot, Jigglypuff, Eevee, Bidoof, Bibarel, Spinda or Lopunny (What a surprise! 6 out of 8 of this Pokémon are at least from ONE POKÉPARK! :timburrrr: ). I liked Castform before I saw a video from Mandy (I nickname him this, don’t judge me, or you will make Bulbasaur sad. :bulbasad: ) I never thought a weather-powered shapeshifter would impress me like that!

Electric (Ampharos):

I just can’t explain it. Experiences with it, Mareep bias thanks to a giant plush and, of course, P O K E P A R K. If it wasn’t for those factors, I’ll probably would have picked Lanturn, Pachirisu or Pincurchin over it.

Psychic (Espeon):

My favorite Eeveelution, if you discount Sylveon (I’m a Fairy-Type fan, don’t judge me. :sylveoncryshiny: ). As you can expect, P O K E P A R K has introduced this Pokémon to me on Haunted Zone in the first edition, and Cove Town in the second. After some time, I grown to like this Pokémon more than Leafeon, my third favorite Eeveelution. Sigilyph, Uxie, Wynaut, Alakazam, Delphox and M-Gardevoir were HEAVILY CONSIDERED to be my pick, but Uxie almost won until Espeon showed up.

Fighting (Falinks):

Personally, my Top 3 Fighting-Types are Lucario, Falinks and Scrafty. Having a Fighting-Type that didn’t represent strength, but fighting spirit (Teamwork, bravery, all that jazz. I don’t like Fighting-Types that its design speaks strength > bravery, like for example, Conkeldurr, one of my least favorite Pokémon. :desudurr: ). You could argue Sirfetch represented this more than Falinks, but the spartan caterpillar is already on my favorite-mon zone. You can’t take it from the zone by any meams (EXCEPT for the only Pokemon who left it, Charizard, after all the special treatment he got)!

Rock (Cradily):

My first mainline game was Pokémon Ruby, and Lileep caught my heart as my favorite fossil Pokémon, so why I shouldn’t like Cradily? Its exquisite design makes me feel like this Pokémon is an historical enigma (Is it related to the Tangela line? Does this thing swam or walked more?) and its Special Attack (My favorite stat! :sunflorablush: ) is awesome. It is not that uncommon in competitive UU thanks to Meteor Beam and it is a well-known thanks to a special Cradily haunting (Not in a bad way.) Poketubers’ comment sections.

Ground (Quagsire):

I never was into this derpy Pokémon (Even though it was on P O K E P A R K.), but the memes and memers (Specially Mayro. :quagwhat:) taught me about Quagsire supremacy.

Flying (Drifblim):

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and P O K E P A R K shown me how Drifblim is good for a playthrough. In P O K E P A R K, it helps you to get into many zones via airline and in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, it is a good early Ghost-Type. Also, Drifloon was the first Pokémon I attempted to shinyhunt! :sunflorablush:

Bug (Butterfree):

I watched with my dad the original anime when I was 6, and I absolutely ADORED Ash’s Butterfree (Which made me cry even more during “Bye Bye, Butterfree!”. :sadmimi: ) Before you mock me by screaming genwunner, I will say only 4 word: P O K E P A R K W I I: P I K A C H U ’ S A D V E N T U R E (Meadow Zone flashbacks.).

Poison (Roserade):

I always liked Budew and Roselia, but never Roserade, until my Pokémon Diamond & Pearl run. Now I like it, I have a shiny one that I got when I was grinding (Since it was a Budew!) and it became a staple of each team that Budew/Roselia/Roserade is available! :sunflorablush:

Dark (Scrafty):

I spammed the replay button on the “Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!”, the 700th episode of the series, just like I did with the 715th episode (M A R A C T U S.). This episode made me like Scrafty, Mandibuzz and Meowth, and hate on Beartic, Scolipede (Temporarily. Even though it tried to kill Maractus and Scrafty, I still like Scolipede. :sunflorablush:) and Darmanitan. Also, what a coincidence! ALL THE POKEMON I MENTIONED ARE FROM P O K E P A R K!

Ghost (Mismagius):

I’ve always loved Misdreavus and somewhat liked Mismagius. Why she’s my favorite here and not Misdreavus, you ask? I got a shiny of this Pokémon in PMU (Harmonic Tower flashbacks.), and I now appreciate my yellow ghost witch! :sunflorablush: (So many S U N F L O R A.)

Ice (Vanilluxe):

I’m a weird person. The whole community hates Vanilluxe, I don’t like Vanilla Ice Cream (Whole new level of W E I R D. :wobbafett:). I probably would have picked Froslass, my second favorite Ice-Type, or maybe Frosmoth. But, NO! Even though E V E R Y T H I N G tells me to hate Vanilluxe, I love this cute ice cream!

Steel (Lucario):

Let’s be honest. No one is surprised this Pokémon is on the list (My username is literally Lucariomen!). But there IS something that will impress you: I NEVER liked Lucario until recent days. It appeared on both P O K E P A R K games, but it didn’t impress me. I had on in Pokemon DP, but it didn’t impressed me. I adored Korrina, but not impressed with Lucario at all. What MADE me like Lucario was the Mew movie, the one with the Tree of Life PLUS Riley’s story, which after like, 3 YEARS OF SEEING THIS POKEMON , I FINALLY liked it. Weird, right (Maractus was always my number one Pokemon until Lucario.)?

Dragon (Dracovish):

I kinda regret on this one. I honestly should have picked Flygon or Altaria, but I’ll show you guys what made me pick Dracovish: competitive Pokémon. When I first entered Competitive Pokémon, Fishious Rend made my day and won many battles. Also, it’s the less weird of all the Galarian Fossils (I thought Arctovish was until I saw it upside-down. :wigglypensive: )!

Fairy (Florges):

As aforementioned, I absolutely ADORE the Fairy-Types. I had so many choices I wanted to pick: Togekiss, Azumarill, Clefable, Xerneas, Aromatisse, Gardevoir, M-Gardevoir, Whimsicott… But why I have chosen Florges? I never liked this Pokémon, until I ran Pokémon X & Y for my first time, and I fell in love on White-Flower Flabébé. And she raised my team till the end.

The note about the fanfic:

I’m with real-world responsabilities rn, so I’ll probably do a chapter per month, I’m sorry. T-T