My First Skin (Fire Power 1.0)


Well this is my first skin
named ¨Fire Power¨ because i used fire pokemons to make it
I hope you like it and sorry for the little errors

Download the zip file:
Download the .pmuskin file:


WOW! I reallllly reallllly love it! May I request Electric Power whatever one by you? Your skins are nice~ (But I only have seen 1 xD)


Your skins are AWESOME i was wondering if i can use it?


Of course duh :L Skins on here are for ANYONE to use xD That’s how you show credit to them >.> No need to ask. That’s why there’s a super friendly download button =D I actually never used one myself… I should try one instead of boring regular one lol! I really love the mixture of different Pokemon and types~ If not, sometimes you need permission so you ARE right!~ Some skin artists only let certain people with permission use it >:U haha~


I DONT KNOW How to change my status of egg i want to hatch lol
and i try to make a electric power skin ;)


post more.


post more.[/quote]
ok thanx for the info


Arkanus or Dandy how do u put a skin up?


Thanks Arka~


It’s good except for the fact you haven’t credited who/where you got those renders from, I know you didn’t make them.


RAWR! on the screenshot of you playing pmu, stylo said she didnt catch me, and i wuz playing tag with him (cuz i wuz bored) and i know he wuz refering to meh, ill get my revenge, gets out a feather tickle time…


Someday Ark, you should do an “Water power” skin. Can’t believe how good they look :3.
Congrats mah friend!


I cant get it to select the button in the game its self, i use the Find skin button and when i choose fire power and i click on the file it just says: Invalid file type (pmuskn)?
how do i download this skin?


The SKin is mad! but how do you actually use it. I found the skin in the files for changing and when i selected it, it didnt come up for me to change :? Lol but they look cool.


Wait i got it! xD


… make a grass power one. XD

anyway, awsome job on that. :D


This is really good you should mak a grass power one :D