My Top 100 PMD Music Tracks

The List! Click Here.

This is a list I have been maintaining for quite a while, and I figured it would be fun to share it!
Feel free to tell me how wrong my opinions are below haha.

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Cool list. I don’t remember half of how these songs sound specifically but It’s a shame Glacier Palace Eastern Spire Is basically at the bottom, It’s my favorite track lol.
It’s nice the others are higher up; all the Glacier Palace tracks are really good to me but east Is my favorite. I’m not even In the mid game of GTI yet, but I’ve heard them all via PMU/YouTube as I did with a lot of other tracks. /mapmusic didn’t exist when I first heard east nor had I even started GTI I think, so I had no clue what game It could have been from to check the Music folder which also sorts very slow. What I did was record It with Audacity and post It on a music finding site : )

Fire Island Volcano Is such an Iconic track yet surprisingly low too. Road to Primeval Forest Is one I like which I’m glad It’s In the top 15. I think PSMD Is my favorite game, I would Idle In Lively Town and read posts on forums about It. Next to Noe Town which Isn’t on the list at all F It’s probably my favorite town theme. The others are kinda meh.

I get that boss themes are usually super hype, but they’re not the type of songs I’d play while doing things like drawing for example. A lot of these songs are just “catchy” to me. There’s not too many that I’d download to keep In a playlist of music.

What kind of taste do you have In music that made you rate the songs this way? To me I feel like you have a thing for more powerful or emotional songs.

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My tastes are all over the place, honestly. I do find myself preferring emotional songs often, though.

Any song with a Pan Flute or a PMD2 Violin will also appeal to me a lot more because I simply love those instruments haha.

As with Noe Town, I actually considered putting it on my list, but I decided I didn’t really like it as much as the other town themes.
Fire Island Volcano is indeed iconic, but I feel its intro drags on for a little too long, and is overall quite a bit repetitive.
Glacier Palace Eastern Spire starts nice, but I feel it’s a little too repetitive and doesn’t carry very well.

PSMD is my favorite PMD game as well :)

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I have no Idea what to say when people ask what kind of music I like. I never got how people can just say they like a genre by Itself. You’re not gonna like every song from that genre, and you’ll also like songs from other genres probably.

All understandable. I think. Only one I actively listen to Is GPES.

Not that It’s bad but Explorers Is so overrated. Not In a bad way, but as a fact. It’s really nice to see someone appreciate a 3D game. They do have flaws ( as does every game that exists ); the portraits and model animations aren’t the prettiest but PSMD Is the only game to have every Pokemon, and they all have unique dialogue and animations. I think that’s Incredible and necessary for a series that gets attention primarily due to Its characters. I cannot wait for a PMD that has Gen 7+.

There was someone In the Discord that made a real nice acoustic cover of Noe Town:

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Explorers is an amazing game. But some parts of it haven’t aged well at all, especially given how many quality of life features we have in the newer PMD games (such as selecting moves with L + Dpad). And the Connection Orb mechanic in Super is soooo much better and more fleshed out than the recruitment method imo.

I wish we got a proper new PMD game with gen 8 instead of Rescue Team DX, but hey, that game still wasn’t bad at all.

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Decided I’d bump this as I’ve made a TON of changes since I posted this.
(Has it really been 9 months? Dang!)