My world! - Part 2

So, in my last post, I showed all the houses that belong to the Solar Kingdom… I figured the next logical step would be the Kingdoms: Techeran, Aralia and the Kingdom of Darkness. Geographically, anyway. So, let’s do this…

First up, all the houses belonging to Techeran:

Account: Jorys
Location: The Scorching Trail
[This place is directly connected to the Cursed Crossroad from my previous post]

Account: Valorius
Location: Techeran
[Techeran is the name of the Kingdom, as well as the name of the capital city. Hard work is valued here and there is a big difference between the rich and the poor. At the western settlement of the city is a huge volcano. ]

Account: Noara
Location: The Heart of the Volcano
[Considered a sacred place to most citizens of Techeran, most people are not allowed to enter this place.]

Account: Voronius
Location: Techeran Road

Account: Belarro
Location: Sunrise Port

Account: Khozzo
Location: Evolution Grasslands

Account: Khewi
Location: The Timeless Tropics

The Kingdom of Darkness: [/b]

Account: Lianna
Location: Infernal Pass
[The border between Techeran and the Kingdom of Darkness]

Account: Zonas
Location: the Dusk Road

Account: Saison
Location: Valaenar Fort


Account: Oralea
Location: Aralian Harbour

Account: Lenora
Location: The Base

Account: Jateris
Location: Venali Town

Account: Cheya
Location: Cafe the Little Willow

Account: Mystica
Location: Aralian crossroads

Account: Alyra
Location: Aralian Nursing Home

Account: Tiresa
Location: Esperian Road

Account: Nephenee
Location: Esperia Falls/Esperia (Village)

Account: Saria
Location: Saria’s house

Account: Malenno
Location: Harmonious Lake

Account: Gregor
Location: Gregor’s Farm

Account: The Sleepwalker
Location: The Sleepwalker’s domain

Account: Lavani
Location: Mt. Lavani

Account: Meleya
Location: Blossoming Graveyard

Account: Land of the Fairies
Location: Land of the Fairies