My world! - The last part!

So, moving on to actually most of my favourite house!

Account: Loravos
Location: Loravos’ ship

Account: Lazelos
Location: Bone Islet

Account: Davro
Location: Valtheos

Account: Odius
Location: Valtheos Colosseum

Account: Madan
Location: Valtheos library

Account: Serisa
Location: Drasteri

Account: Laenira
Location: Avian Island

Account: Faraine
Location: Sparkling Coast

Account: Syror
Location: the Bufai Islands

Account: Barrian II
Location: Azure Village- Azure Harbour

Account: Barrian
Location Azure Village

Account: Adario
Location: Aqua resort

All of your houses are outstanding and incredibly immersive! You use tiles very creatively and have so much talent. Keep up the good work i’d love to see more of your maps!

Nawww thank you so much <3 I bet Sciz will murder you for encouraging my mapping addiction, but I’ll keep it up yeah! :P