My Youtube Channel - The PMU series!

Hello PMU!
Im Megaclaw/Pakawaka, and as u may guess, im gonna start a PMU series at youtube!
I’ll apreciate any support of yours guys!

Heres my channel link btw:

Heres the list of my videos ~ :

PMU The Basics! - -

PMU The Town! - …

PMU The Tiny Grotto! - …

PMU The Seaside Cavern! - …

PMU Diary - 11/2/14 -

I hope you like it, have a nice day~

You didn’t film the Café yet? :O

Be quiet :P
There´s gonna be a series soon called PMU Diary, there i will record fun events or stuff, like my cafe :P

What’s youtube? Also what is PMU

Really Empoleon xD?

Can anyone explain to me what is PMU

Well, see some of my videos and u will know i talk and explain about it

Nice vids, man keep it up.