Mystery Part, Legendaries & Heart Slates [Details]

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You can now summon certain Legendary Pokemon in dungeons using the the Mystery Part and Heart Slates of [Boss] Legendary Pokemon that have now been released.

How to get them?

The Mystery Part is an end box item in Tanren Chambers 99F Normal Route. Heart Slates are rare items sometimes dropped by [Boss] Legendary Pokemon after you defeat them in battle. Each Legendary Pokemon has its own Heart Slate named after the Pokemon itself (Eg: Mewtwo’s Heart Slate).

Here’s a list of currently available ones.


Note: Heart Slates are droppable and tradeable, while Mystery Parts are neither.

How to summon a Guardian?

In order to summon a Legendary Guardian in a dungeon, you must combine the Heart Slates with your Mystery Part. These services are offered by the wise Merlin at the Wisdom Hub in South Eastern Village, Archford. Please note that to combine the Heart Slate you must talk to him while you have the Slate(s), a Mystery Part, an Explorer Rank of Master or above and a certain amount of Poke. The Poke fee charged by Merlin starts at 100K and is incremented by the same amount for each new Guardian’s Slate you wish to combine with your Mystery Part (100K for the first, 200k for the next and so on).

Once a Legendary Pokemon’s Heart Slate has been combined with your Mystery Part it will be permanent. The level of the Guardian will be the same as that of the highest Pokemon on your team. The moves will be randomly generated but you can teach them TM moves that will only be retained for that instance.

However, if a Legend is successfully summoned in a dungeon, the Mystery Part will be sent to the storage. Thus, you can only summon a Guardian once or twice in each dungeon run, if at all. Once you complete the dungeon, the Guardian shall leave your team but you can still summon it next time in a dungeon with that particular Mystery Part.

While the items may have been released they may undergo changes for the next few days as I adjust them to better suit PMU. If you discover a glitch/bug please report it immediately. If you are found abusing or taking advantage of a major bug there will be serious consequences.

Seeking Merlin’s Sacred Servies
Charging the Mystery Part with the selected Heart Slate
Using Mystery Part in a dungeon
Summoning the chosen Guardian
Using the Guardian in the dungeon
Guardian VS Boss


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By the way, what is the chance of a Heart Slate drop?

Legends in dungeons??? Heart Slates TRADEABLE/DROPPABLE??? The player market is gonna have a field day with this.

The rates vary from one Legendary Pokemon to another.

They may undergo change in the near future.

Congratulations to Festivo and the rest of the team! I’m really happy we finally have legends available for players :joy:.

Enjoy ladies and gentleman! :heart:

thats a GENIUS WORK if not sayed a legend ^^ great no AWESOME WORK keep it up (omg why does all of the cool stuff happens while i cant even play the game T^T )

Interesting! So if I understood correctly, legendaries don’t join your assembly but are like dungeon helpers. If I got understood that right, it’s nice to see these kind of ideas, since it takes into consideration both sides of an argument. In this case about legendaries being special and so on. I’m not saying it’s the best solution, just that it’s nice to see both sides considered. (reedited back my initial post, as if it was never edited, let’s just call it a Whim…)

i think finally getting legends is a nice idea.

at least we are getting more features. the only thing i would dislike is if people could run around spamming legionaries in towns that would make them lose value IMO i just hope they arent very easy to get and that you can trade legend parts somehow. i wouldnt mind no-lifing to get celebi

Wow, this is really cool! ;o; Also gives the Mystery Part a use that it never had, right? I really like the concept, good job! <3

This sound pretty neat! Maybe a bit challenging to do, but worthwhile in the end!

Legends show in your team only while you’re in a dungeon, but once you’re out they leave your party so they can’t be used in town atm. However, this and other points of this feature are subject to change depending on player’s thoughts.

But yes as Whimsy said we wanted to reach a middle ground here. This work like this mostly to keep the rarity of legends but also to let you play with them!

Medo I’m sorry, you know we’re trying to fix your problem! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your legends in the near feature!

Thank for the support guys!

what form will deoxy be and do origin pulse/precipice blade work?

i would be really excited for deoxys formes since by default when you get it, it’s just normal deoxys. it would be really cool if items adusting its formes were released at some point!

i think it’d be okay for legends to be allowed in towns, especially since at the moment, they don’t serve much of a purpose in dungeons - there’s no reason to train them since they automatically scale to a certain level, and because they have random movesets, it’s sometimes not effective to use them either. they may as well just be there for cosmetics/bragging rights.

i know this is biased but i’d love for movesets to be adjustable - some pokemon like rayquaza have great moves, but when i go into a dungeon as deoxys and get leer/psycho shift/cosmic power/knock off as my set, it just doesn’t feel quite right. who’s ever heard of a level 100 legend with 1 damaging move anyways? especially considering the work people must put into obtaining these pokemon.

still, can’t wait to see what updates are to follow!

For Mew, will the hidden ones in TC be able to drop a slate? Or only the MJ mew will be able to?

Also, what happens if you have a full storage and the summoning item is sent back after use? Does it disappear? Will it just stay in your bag?

You can’t use it if you don’t have space in your inventory.

Also just MJ’s mew drops the slate.