Mystic Coven SR RR (the Lycans)

After looking through the wiki and other SR’s the two Lycanroc’s in MC have a negative recruit rate (-7.5%) when usually most SR pokemon like scyther for example have a 0.5% Recruit rate, I understand that its because their evolved pokemon so perhaps that was the default but it makes obtaining the two dogs more frustrating then they have any right to be compared to other SR pokemon, MC has a time limit on when you can enter, a time limit of when each form of it are obtainable and you get One Try per SR, i know ideally you want to make it so Rockruff can just evolve, but for the time being until that is possible and or done, Can the Lycanrocs get a RR buff to something more reasonable considering the large pile of other hinderances in trying to obtain or shiny hunt one?
Tl;Dr they have a lot of restrictions as is due to their SR and Dungeon and so the lower RR feels like even more artificial difficulty along with the RNG and time constraints

As an evolved pokemon, a RR of -7.5% is actually kinda reasonable. While I get the frustration, it’s kinda justified.

However, I do agree with the restriction, especially with dusk lycanroc. Coven being only access during dusk and night means u cannot get a head start to the SR range, or you would have to enter at night and hold it until dusk, or using a guild member.

IMO, the dusk lycanroc SR range could use an upgrade. Bring 31-40F, it’s late into the dungeon. Dusk is already a very tight space, just 2 hours. You need time to travel there and search, gives about you most likely very little time. However, I also think that 1-10F is too early, Hence, I think 11-25F is suitable for the SR. It’s within the first scenery, and pretty early on. More floors should also be compromise to the lower time limit for it.

As for midnight lycanroc, I personally believe that it is fine as it is. 4 hours of night time plus the ability of a head start at dusk is sufficient.

As mentioned here, I agree that some hint of the SR should be visible inside the dungeon. Coven tends to have large and multiple rooms, and the spawn rate of the SR isn’t great either. Something like a sparkle tile like LLC would help.

Honestly, I feel like both lycanroc should be allowed to spawn more than once in the SR. It’s an actual hassle to get there and find the SR and all the time limit stuff. While I do think that it shouldn’t be infinite spawn in the SR, I think maybe 2 or 3 spawns per SR instead of one is justified.

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I get the logic of lycanroc being a low rr since the other fe and nfe mons are, but idk if that’s that fair of a comparison.
Pretty much all evolved recruits are found in dungeons at or below the level of skylift, with the exception of a couple big birds in archford overworld, azumarill in MC (who has a positive rr) and meowstic, another sr mon. At those levels, getting a fletchinder instead of a fletchling is actually significant, so recruit rates are lowered as a balance to compensate for the time you would have otherwise spent getting that pokemon through leveling and evolution. Otherwise, with exceptions of pokemon who evolve at extremely high levels like deino, there really isn’t any advantage to getting an evolved mon at mid to late levels with how fast you could get most pokemon (rock ruff and espurr included) to evolve.

If the sr for Lycanroc was some kind of intentional design decision fueled from just really wanting a recruitable Lycanroc in MC, maybe I could see sticking with the negative rr even though having a Lycanroc over a rockruff really isn’t much of a boon at the level you’re running MC. I just don’t think it’s really that fair when the addition was marketed as a bandaid solution to the form evolution issue. I’m definitely glad we have the ability to get that Lycanroc, but penalization because of the incapability of the system seems really weird to me, and not really in the spirit of why the other evolved mons have such low recruit rates in the first place.

And I’ll just say that as a blanket statement I’d hold the same standard for Meowstic, as well as any other evolved mons we have to add in the future to address the form issue.

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my greatest issue with it isn’t any of the individual parts but the sum of them, sure midnight is a large time frame with a head start, but there is also finding the SR and getting one shot and the RR, any of these on their own is reasonable and two or three is fine but all together it makes a mon, technically two as both forms have unique merits to them, with only one option to obtain it incredibly frustrating and at times obtuse, and while -7.5% as a evolved Pokémon Might be reasonable this isn’t a case like other recruitable evolutions where the penalty is to offset the time skipped, there is zero alternative and it comes with many restrictions, I agree dusk needs a fix more but i was lumping together and point out the issues with midnight as they currently are treated roughly the same in the same SR and thus should be handled together.

to summarize it’s not any of the individual pieces that are an issue in a vacuum but all of them together, MC is a very busy dungeon with huge rooms, lots of Pokémon harassing you, a low SR with no obvious tell, time locked to enter, time sensitive for the SR, one try each, and EVEN if you do all the above, you start with a negative RR meaning you’re more likely to fail and thus more likely to have to repeat all the above over and over, it’s the sum of its parts that causes issues and splitting the lycans just makes one less horrible but doesn’t help that the other while very slightly less awful since you get six hours to get if you don’t get it in that time frame you now get to wait several more hours to even try again.

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