nat art c:

i appear to be an artist too.

i might be more traditional artist but i"m still one. ;-;

[spoilerhey look traditional art:36vjjthn]
Skitty gijinka

Salamence head



Alexander Dabilton

Wait For It on a cavas - made with pastel


and some digital art…

[spoilerhey look digital art:36vjjthn]

A re-design of “Nightmare Natalia”

Sketch of Burr

Jefferson - “I love the guy, but he"s in traction.”


aaand that"s all i have for you folks today. i"ll be updating as soon as i may (but i"m very busy often, sooo)

Hey, these look lovely! My favorite has got to be the Mega Ampharos one. Great job, keep up the good work!

These all looks so nice ;o;
I really love the Mega Amphy one too, it’s so fluffy!
Can’t wait to see more from you c:

Maybe I can ask for a drawing woth a price of course

the drawings are so BEEEAAAAUUUTIIIFUL keep it up ^^

aaaa thank you! but there’d be no way of paying me (without a paypal) since i don’t have one… or maybe i can ask my dad or somthing… but it’s generous of you to offer!


The most pure… the most innocent: Cleffa.

Nat? Nat! NAT!!! When/how did you step into my territory. /shot

Long time no see. I’m not on PS much cause I blame Steam. Nice to see you on here. I have told you about this game like 500 times tho.

I like you art. like always.

li’l quickie of my main OC, suited natalia. drew this while waiting for a friend to come on to help me scale winden forest.

Hey! I have a character named Natalia too and I thought it would be cute to doodle them both in a picture haha. Do you have a full body of her I could use for reference? 0:

of course! i just finished this now, heh, and it actually looks pretty nice! her fur is all one simple color, a bright yellow, so no need to worry about markings or all that.