Need help installing

I don’t own a pc, instead I own a chromebook but I am seemingly unable to play without downloading it first. Is there anyway to play without having to install it to a pc?

Thank you

i dont think chromebooks can play games in general since they dont have any storage and such on them but someone else might know? :confounded:

I had a chrome book (that broke) but with my short experience with it everything needs to downloaded from the play store. You cannot download programs themselves and launch them. I might be wrong though.

from what ive heard about chrome books their whole purpose is just to run stuff like docs/excel/power point to be a cheap on the go kind of laptop with no memory inside it since all of it is saved online on the “cloud”

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Yea, I wish I had known that before I bought it lol. I was expecting just a simple laptop, but I guess the real cost of it being so cheap is the lack of versatility.

Chromebook’s are mainly allocated for work base operations, as they’re nothing to do with gaming. @Stormy