"No such host is known?"

i just downloaded the game and i let it update but it says that
im new so i dont know what to do

The game is currently offline itself, due to maintenance. The staff have said that, the updates itself are playing up due to this. Just wait for the game to come online, and try again then, i guess. If not, re-download. I’m pretty sure, you’ll just need to wait until it’s online though. ((Bare in mind, there is no due-date for it to become back up))

ah ok thanks for the info guess ill just wait then

If I recall correctly, it’s just a once in a while error. You’ll just have to close and re-open the client. Howeveeerrrr, since the server is offline, I suggest, like the above person, to wait until it comes online. Meanwhile, you can kill time here: http://pmuniverse.net/chat.php
Usually when there’s atleast like, 12 or 8 people, the server is offline. If there’s only around 3, it’s probably online.
You might also want to install DirectX and Microsoft something from our download page if the problem persists when it’s online. If you haven’t already, then go install those now from our download page, as they are not optional and are needed to run the game.