Official Pokemon Mystery Universe Tumblr Blog

Good day, everyone! Small bit of news today… As of recently, we have started an official Tumblr page for Pokemon Mystery Universe! On this page we will be posting an array of things including (but not limited to): Recent Updates, Contests and Events, Player Interviews, Previews/Sneak-Peaks of new content for the game, Art spotlights from the PMU deviantArt page, and more!

We highly recommend visiting the page in the future to see what’s new with the game and the community!~ We have also posted a small preview for a large content update coming to the game in the near future~ Expect to see more on this soon.

We hope you enjoy our Tumblr page, and if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see appearing on the blog, feel free to post them here!

(We will also be linking the Blog via the Media page on our main website shortly)

Seems interesting.
I’ll add that I had a Twitter account and Facebook account going. I don’t use them anymore, and I’ll happily switch the roles back so you have access.

Definitely following!

Nice to see that there are alternative ways of being updated on PMU news and hints. :3

I like the way how PMU might be used for… Yeah.
Also, Tumblr might be used also for getting more peoples and showing features of the game (We have Youtube and Facebook too…) , also including some spoilers too.

Here’s our Facebook: