Ominous Wind

Summary of Bug: activation rate for secondary effect of Ominous Wind seems too low.

What you were doing at the time: Using Ominous Wind with Togekiss (which has Serene Grace so should double the 10% rate for secondary effect to 20%).

Where you were in the game/menus: Attacking the Punching Bag with 1-tile range.

What happened: The secondary effect activated only 10% of the time. After 100 Ominous Winds, 77 of which actually landed, only 8 activated the secondary effect. 8/77~0.10. Either Ominous Wind or Serene Grace is broken. I tried using other moves with 10% activation rate for secondary effects, and Serene Grace seems to work.


Expected Result: Ominous Wind with Serene Grace should boost stats 20% of time.

Actual Result: It only boosted 10% of the time.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attack the punching bag with Ominous Wind and Serene Grace (not sure if it’s the same for Silver Wind or for non-Serene Grace mons).
  2. Count how many boosts you get from successful hits.
  3. As a side, get frustrated at the ridiculously low accuracy of Ominous Wind, as about 1/4 of attacks miss. Pretty bad with Heat Wave too.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below:

I did a check and found that the script that does the special effect with moves like those, were absent from the Serene Grace list. It should now be fixed. Let me know if it still is an issue.


worked! thanks for fixing.