Options on Pac-Man and any of his games

Okay, so I want to know your option on Pac-man what is your Option on his games and what is your favorite Game and (or) Character, I am not going to be good at this be WARNED ._. I don’t see anyone talk about him as much anymore, but I want the little Ghostbuster to be in the spotlight for a change, so here goes my option, I think the first game brings challenge to the players, me personally I’m not that good at the game I can only get to level 3 that is it xD, the only games I played are Original Pac-man, Pac-man World 1,2, and 3, and those games are fun, I also played Pac-Man party that is also fun, I think of it overall is Fun and Challenging at times, and I haven’t played hum of his games sadly so I can’t give to much option sadly. My favorite game well I can’t just pick one I am putting all the Pac-Man World games for PS and PS2 on here, because I grow up with the series when I was 7 so. My favorite character would be Orson from the World Series (look him up :P) because I relate to him because I know what it feels like to be an outcast, also Blinky because he is just a cool character in general.

This is my Option on the him and his games, no mean comments please.

Now byebye~

hides in a corner @~@