Our Fifth Anniversary and Much More

For those who didn’t know, PMU Podcast has been around since 2009. Since then, it’s had three hosts and five seasonal series. The show has gone through a lot of but with the expansiveness of the internet, PMU Podcast will continue to grow further outward, hopefully allowing PMU to grow alongside it. Not only will it be our fifth anniversary, but it will be the 100th episode of the show in which I’ve been host. This is an amazing milestone, not only for team and I but for PMU. You kept us going, and on August 23rd, we will hit the triple digits.

To honour everyone’s support, we plan to make this August a month to remember. Starting next week, we plan to have three back to back guests of some special guests. Though these are not fully decided. This is a huge undertaking on our part, but we will be 100% committed to getting the folks on. We will be surprising you all, so stay tuned. We hope that by having these people on, we can bring PMU closer together and expand PMU so that it can grow and prosper. PMU is worth a million words, and just like our show, we will keep going strong. Thanks for the support, and let’s make August the best month it can be.