Our Twisted Carnival [Walk-in Roleplay] [Under Construction]

[b]Don’t know if anyone’s interested in this, but may as well put it up and find out.

[ul]Inspired (heavily) by: Death Parade.
Themes: Everything? Primarily adventure, survival and mystery.
I don’t want to give too much away yet, so here’s a simple plot summary.[/ul][/b]


Every 100 years Serendipity opens it’s doors for a wonderful celebration. It truly is a grand festival, but it’s not for your enjoyment. No, the pleasure goes to the judges.

You wake up, in this place you’ve never seen before. Your body aches and you feel dehydrated but you need to know where you are. You leave the room by way of an elevator and follow the path until you come to a huge room filled with brilliant lights and decorations while possessing a great sense of sophistication.
Little did you know of what this room had in store for you.

As of your arrival, you have three days before the games begin. For everyday of this festival you must fight for your life through challenges which are selected at random. There’s no telling as to what could happen. It could be a friendly game of truth or dare, or it could be something much more sinister.

Why must you play along with these events? What can you gain, or perhaps more importantly, what is there to lose? Will you choose to brute force things by yourself or play more strategically, perhaps with the aid of others or does your interest lie in uncovering the reasons for your involvement here?
Regardless. You have three days before the games begin. [/ul][/b]

[b][ul][li] Pokemon Mystery Universe Forum Rules apply.[/li]

[li] Will there be violence? Will there be romance? Will there be AWKWARDNESS!? Perhaps, it’s up to you! Nothing over PG-13 levels of nonsense though.[/li]

[li] Both fandom and original characters are allowed.[/li]

[li] 2-3 sentences minimum per post. One liners are a waste of potential. If you’re stuck with a short post, consider your character’s environment, their feelings, even their interaction with things.[/li]

[li] No God-modding, no auto-hitting. You cannot control another person’s character. Be considerate when you are interacting with others. If you’re unsure about your actions, why not let them know to see if it’s okay?[/li]

[li] This is a walk-in RP. That means that you don’t need to wait to be accepted before playing, but please remember to follow the rules. The sign up form is only to give others a feel of your character so they know how to interact with them. Please post it at the beginning of your first roleplay post.[/li]

[li] A maximum of three characters per roleplayer. Companions to a main character are exempt from this rule, eg a Pokemon trainer counts as one character while their Pokemon aren’t included in the overall count because they are joined together. If you wish to have more characters than stated in this rule then please contact me about it, allowances can be made.[/li]

[li] To keep things simple, I will play all game masters. If you’re interested in playing as a game master, just let me know.[/ul][/b][/li]Sign Up
A simple skeleton to put at the beginning of your first post.

[b]NAME: [/b](their name)
[b]NICKNAME/ALIAS:[/b] (nickname/fake name/title)
[b]GENDER: [/b](what gender do they recognise themselves as?)
[b]AGE:[/b] (their age, if unsure just go by unknown or use the age that they appear to be.)
[b]SPECIES:[/b] (human, elf, cat-dog, [s]pony[/s], pokemon, etc...)
[b]ORIGINS:[/b] (Original Character, or whatever media they are from if they are a fandom characters)
[b]THEME: [/b](include a theme song for them. ideally one with words but that's up to you.)
[b]OTHER:[/b] (if there's something important you need to include, do it here, otherwise delete this. character companions can be included here.)
[b]APPEARANCE:[/b] (link/image/description)

Character list

//The Judges

//The Game Masters

//The Guests

//The Staff

//The Facilities

//The Facilities ext.

//The challenges

//Dates and events

I will give it a shot
Name: Zeraora
Nickname: Z
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Species: Pokemon #807 Zeraora
Media/Origins: Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
Other: 20 year old Inciaroar named Flare is friend.

I woke up in a room and left the room on an elevator. I was thirsty and I felt like I was hit by a truck, but I decided to look around. Last I remember, I was battling a human that wanted to catch me. I eventually got to a room that looked like a carnival tent inside. Then I saw Flare.

Name: Flare
No nickname
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Pokemon #727 Incineroar
Media/Origins: Pokemon Ultra sun/ Ultra moon and pokemon sun/moon
Other: Friends with Zeraora
I woke up in a room. It was carnival-like. So, I naturally looked around to see what was going on. I was looking at a game, when a board caught my eye. It looked like those wrestling competition boards that I used to top as a newly evolved incineroar. I had so many belts for winning. I went undefeated. It showed me and various others on it. Someone knew we where coming. This was not good. Although it was good because I was about to be caught. But then I was blinded by a bright light and woke up here. Then I turned sencing someone. But it was only my good old pal Z. Z is a Zeraora. Zeraora is his actual name, I just call him Z.